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On January 27, President Trump issued an executive order banning travel from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen for 90 days. The ban suspended the acceptance of refugees from Syria and caused travel issues for legal residents and green card holders from those countries. This week, we asked asked students, do you think this executive order was a good idea?

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“I don’t have a problem with the idea of a specific country having a temporary ban as long as there are exceptions. For instance, if someone from the United States leaves it’s ridiculous that they cant get back into the country. Also the way he handled it, the fact that it was just an immediate shutdown without any sort of preparation or anything like that was just a moronic idea in my opinion. So, I’m fine with the idea that if there are particular countries that the CIA or the NSA decides are problems, where we could be having people come in that might be dangerous because the countries happen to be in rough shape. I don’t have a problem banning travel from those countries, but there needs to be exceptions and a lot more preparation then what he did.” -Dwayne Clary, biology, sophomore Photo credit: Maximilian Erickson

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“I mean I don’t think so, the refugees things I can't really get behind. Like we got better places to spend money than on the refugees, but just blocking them from the country is not that great.” -Jacob Larson, Forestry, Junior Photo credit: Max Mckernan

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“I don’t think it was honestly a good idea. Part of it is that immigration is a very big part of our country’s history and our culture and its part of what formed our country into what it is today, I also feel like it’s a good idea to reach out to those who are in need.” -Brigitta Lease, english, junior Photo credit: Maximilian Erickson

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“I think that banning citizens from specific countries just because of the country they’re from is not a good idea, especially if you look at the number of fatalities that our country has experienced from those countries. I don’t think that any country’s citizens are more prone to killing our citizens than any other. There are certain groups that are not nationalities that would like that.” -Mikey Dewey, undeclared, junior Photo credit: Maximilian Erickson

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“I think there has been very little terrorism domestically caused by people from those countries and there has been a lot of violence in those countries but none of that has taken place in this country, so I think the executive order was needlessly inflammatory. I think he’s pandering to people who voted him in to try and make himself look better, but I also think the reaction from the other side has been far too much. What he’s doing I don’t consider a Muslim ban, cause they are banning all travel between these specific countries. The countries he chose seemed very suspicious, why he chose those countries cause he left out the major ones: Saudi Arabia and Lebanon and Turkey were not included in those because of his specific business dealings with those and he has a lot of history of cozying up to those countries.” -Nick Janssen, engineering, PhD student Photo credit: Maximilian Erickson

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“I think there’s a lot that’s involved. When you look at all the different media presentations of what’s going on you don’t see the whole story you have to connect it yourself or with deeper research. If President Trump did that as a terrorist threat, so that potential ISIS members would not be coming into our country who otherwise would, then sure, it’s a move that will pay off and keep the terrorists out of the country. But if he was doing it as a blind act of cultural exclusion because of terrorists associations with those countries just because they are there, then no I don’t think it’s a great decision.” -Ted Robinson, geological engineering, senior Photo credit: Maximilian Erickson

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