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1087 outtakes

Sometimes when you’re making music, you wind up with a lot of tracks. Then when it comes time to put out an album, you might have 15 songs but only feel strong about 6 or so of them. Then after you put out the 6 songs, a year goes by, and you’re like… we should put something out again. Thats when you might decide to put out the outtakes.

I don’t actually know if thats how Two Moons went about releasing “1087 Outtakes” on cassette through Mmm Sound (Athens, GA), but I might ask Aaron Liu about it sometime because now I’m curious.

Listening to this collection of songs, I find it hard to believe they didn’t make it onto “1087” to begin with. The album’s name reminds me a Wong Kar-wai film. This is the band’s fifth release on band camp, and all of their music seems to have a visual concept behind it.

I thought the songs on “1087 Outtakes” would be less distinct and more thrown together sounding, but they really don’t sound that way at all. Its like, they were just ignored for no particular reason and are finally getting the light they needed.

“Sugar” has this motion that I feel like benefits from the lofi recording style, by sounding very warm and cozy compared to its twangy predecessor “The War At Home.” “Empty Streets” has a mournful synth, and “Last Christmas” feel, but in this underground cathedral way, like taking shelter from the rain under a crevice, lighting tea candles and praying for no floods.

This album is a great reminder of how imperfections can be the most beautiful things in life at times. While I could wonder what Two Moons would sound like in a pristine recording studio (I’m sure they would sound great), I don’t even care right now because I cherish every bit of the natural distortion, tape fizz and these analog vibes (artificial or not, idgaf). I would recommend this to anyone, my mom, your mom, Santa Claus, Donald Duck, Ellen Degeneres and Lin.

side note: if you are listening to side b of this tape with any of the above, be sure to fast forward from 4:00-4:30 to get to the nice cloudy s**t, and bypass the questionable part. Other than that, side b rules.

genre: lofi rock

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Thought Tempo – I Can Fila

“I Can Fila” is like Zone of the Enders meets “Days Go By” by Dirty Vegas. I feel like I should be out in the snow breakdancing right now because life is weighing in. Very hustle and very punk.

“90s Mist” sounds like some Boards of Canada-bience. Makes me wanna ride a hoverboard into the sunset like its 2046. Its a great way to cool down from the 6 and a half minute bruiser of the previous track.

genre: downtempo

Yoshino Yoshikawa – Event Horizon

This album is the second Yoshino Yoshikawa release from Zoom Lens label. Yoshino Yoshikawa is originally from Maltine Records based out of Japan. There is a very maximalist pop sound taking place in “Event Horizon” because the band comes from a commercial background. However, the music experiments with unusual structures and various club styles from around the world to challenge their listeners’ expectations.

The opening song, “PRNG” sounds like J-pop with its infectious melodies, but there are synthpop elements and a kind of Electroplankton texture to the instrumentation. The chorus is like house with its steady kick, yet it elevates and transitions unpredictably. “Mirage (with ma Mari)” has a bubblegum bass line and cute xylophone patterns. There are some prog elements that come into play during “Take Me Away (with Shu Ichikawa)” that sounds kinda like an electronic rock opera. “Alarm Clock” would make a good alarm ringtone. It’s slow to get loud, but as the volume increases, the textures are not harsh until almost a minute in, so it would still work if you were sleeping heavy. Musically it reminds me of Animal Crossing, Earthbound, Katamari Damacy, etc. I don’t know how to describe “Coldsleep (with Suzoshiro)”. Suzoshiro’s voice reminds me of someone from the mid-2000s. The music is bubbly but also charged. Favorite song since “PRNG”.

This album will keep you on your toes. “Another Dream (with elizatwinkles) has some very clear English and hybrid chiptune toms, its kind of Christmasy but not too Christmasy. “Opt-Out” utilizes a vocaloid to sing about how we are too dependent on communicating through technology. It was one of the singles from September, along with “Mirage,” which is about how life can be like a video game at times.

Thank you Zooms Lens for putting out worthwhile and thought provoking music.

Genre: “Ultrapop”


Lily – Psychic Jealousy


Lily’s debut record is better than anything she has put out to date (minus “Burning in the Grave” or the Vernal Versions of this record), although Ultrademon was cool while it lasted. If you like experimental, electronic, Chicago footwork, 160 bpm, techno, Detroit house, juke, gorge this is what you need.

“Beach Girl” is literal perfection. Its like the theme song of life, portraying every emotion you’ve ever experienced and siphoning them into a magic portal. “Tonite’s the Nite” is a collection of the best samples being chopped and looped on the fly. Listen and become unwound. “Crack” is the music that plays in every fighting game ever and you never even knew it all along. Kicks don’t make whip crack sounds on their own you know. “42forfeb2bifb42” is proof that you don’t need a memorable song name. Next time your band is trying to think up a name for a song, just call it whatever the recording saved as, “NewRecording18,” it doesn’t matter. Get over yourself already. “42forfeb2bifb42-2” is exactly what the name implies. 42,242 times better than anything you’ve ever written, multiplied by 2.

Ok, seriously though, I’m kind of reminded of some Stab Something or Durian Rider, but it definitely doesn’t take away from the music at all. Album turns up for “Weird Phasing (Final Breath)” and gets stark for “Truth Disease.” By the end of “Something Core,” Lily returns to the fantasia of some of the earlier songs. “Pamina” is a really strong ender. It bleeds.

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