A & E Briefs – April 26, 2011

Elika Roohi / Sun Star Reporter
April 26, 2010

Samberg to host Shark Week

Shark Week is Discovery Channel’s weeklong program about these underwater animals, and this year Discovery is bringing a new face to host it.  Andy Samberg from SNL will be this year’s Chief Shark Officer or CSO.  Last year for the first time ever, Discovery brought in a non-Discovery actor to host Shark Week to massive success.  At least 31 million people checked out the show for six minutes, and many for much longer.  Discovery thinks that Samberg will bring in an even wider audience., but Samberg thinks it’ll be all the sharks’ doing.  “Everyone loves Shark Week,” Samberg said.  “It’s the Bill Cosby of week-long television blocks dedicated to sea animals.”

The Washington Post

Steampunk Iron Man

What if Iron Man was a steampunk superhero?  Iron Man fanboy and sculptor Jonathan Kuriscak glued together an 11-inch steampunk replica of the superhero.  The upper torso of the sculpture is made of an NFL Cletus action figure, pistons on the arms were taken from a Transformers toy, and the arms themselves are from a Hulk action figure.  Kuriscak built a set of Nazi Star Wars action figures last year, and he’s already started to work on his next project: a replica of Thor.  Those interested in Kuriscak’s work can find it on eBay.


The particular sadness of lemon cake

New in paperback this week is Aimee Bender’s novel “The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake.”  9-year-old Rose Edelstein discovers a capacity for feeling other’s emotions through food. When her mother bakes a lemon cake with fudge icing, Rose can taste her mother’s moroseness amidst the lemon. Bender’s novel reveals the complicated relations between Rose, her mother, and her genius brother. The book echoes elements of Salinger’s Glass family, and Salinger fans will find familiarity in Rose’s alertness to hypocrisy and her yearning to love her brother. The real beauty in this book is the language that Bender uses to describe love, and how the characters discover it in each other.


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