A & E Briefs – March, 1, 2011

Compiled By Elika Roohi / Sun Star Reporter
March 1, 2011

It was her bacon first

A bacon enthusiast is seeking a lawsuit against her former agent for stealing her cookbook idea.  Lisa Skye, author of “I Love Corn,” came up with the idea to write an “I Love Bacon” cookbook.  She and her agent, Jayne Rockmill, worked to come up with the book.  Over the course of the negotiations, Skye became disenchanted with Rockmill’s aggressive style and fired her.  A year and a half later, Skye found a copy of “I Love Bacon” authored by Rockmill on the shelf of a San Fransico bookstore.  Skye is seeking legal action forcing Rockmill to withdraw the book.

Source: New York Post

Mominees tweet the Oscars

The Academy Awards are going for a more family friendly approach this year.  As a part of that approach, the mothers of Oscar nominees have been asked to tweet about it.  These Moms, dubbed “Mominees” will include host James Franco’s grandmother as well.

Source: CNN

J.D. Salinger liked Burger King

Nearly a year after the reclusive author’s death, letters between Salinger and a friend shed some light on what J. D. Salinger might have been like.  Salinger liked Burger King better than other fast food chains.  He also enjoyed being a tourist, taking bus trips to Nantucket, Niagara Falls, and the Grand Canyon.  Salinger was a tennis fan, with strong political feelings.  Did Salinger dupe the media and his fans into believing he was a recluse so he could enjoy fast food and watch tennis?

Source: The Week

There are gnomes in NYC

Gnome Life sounds like your typical Tumblr.  A guy in plaid posts a lot of pictures of himself staring meaningfully into the distance.  But there’s a twist: he’s a 108 year old gnome in Brooklyn.  Every entry features a dramatic entry with a cryptic caption about the struggle of fitting into to New York while being a gnome.

Source: NPR

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