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Kyrie Long Photo credit: Alex Frania

Kyrie Long
Major: Psychology
Standing Senior
Kyrie Long was born in Alaska and grew up between North Pole and Eielson. She is pursuing a degree in psychology with a journalism minor and hopes to one day write about issues pertaining to mental health or edit on a freelance basis. All of her favorite films are David Fincher movies, with one exception for “The Dark Knight.” Kyrie has a laptop named Warren and a dog named Luna with whom she spends most of her free time.




Cheyenne Corty Photo credit: Alex Frania

Cheyenne Corty
Layout Editor
Major: English
Standing: Senior
Cheyenne is a UAF senior English major. She has two minors; American Sign Language and secondary education. Cheyenne was born in Pennsylvania and moved around a lot when she was younger before her family finally decided Alaska was home when she was about 9 or 10. She enjoys reading in her free time as well as playing video games and loves watching horror movies for fun however her favorite director is Wes Anderson. Cheyenne has a cat named Nargle and they live in a dry cabin together (their first year doing such.) As layout editor Cheyenne hopes she can master inDesign, as well as immerse herself in the AP format style, and build her skills in the journalism field while working for the Sun Star.




Ben Ellis Photo caption: Alex Frania

Ben Ellis
Web Editor
Major: Computer Engineering
Standing: Junior
Born and raised in Colorado, Ben moved away as soon as he possibly could, living in Wasilla for a few more years before finally settling down in Fairbanks. They plan on getting their degree in computer engineering, and then to move on to a postgrad degree in biomedical engineering outside of the states. For fun they like to fence, play games, and freak out over music.




Alex Frania Photo credit: Kyrie Long

Alex Frania
Photo Editor
Major: Psychology
Standing: Senior
When not freaking out about school and stuff, I like watching movies. Pretty much anything from 60’s onward. I like the more down to earth atmosphere of a lot of New Hollywood movies compared to the vanilla old school stuff. I like listening to music, mainly rap and rock. During the summer I like to longboard around town and I’ve wanted to get into more stuff like snowboarding this winter, seem like a logical next step. I used to do it all the time in upstate New York but I haven’t gotten around to doing it here. I like learning about weird facts like about buildering which is about climbing buildings but without using conventional methods like stairs or ladders, apparently it’s super dangerous. Reading is something I’m also into, when I’ve got the time. I’ve had a fix for reading books that have been adapted into movies. Here’s a secret, watch the movie before the book. You’ll be less likely to be disappointed. You might even be pleasantly surprised. Yeah, so that’s me in a nutshell. You can find me here at the SunStar willing and ready to satisfy all your photo editing needs.




Tiffany Lehnerd
Ad Manager
Major: Wildlife Science
Tiffany was born in Long Island, NY, but has lived all over the east coast of the US. She recently moved here from Boston, MA to pursue a B.S. In Wildlife Science. Tiffany enjoys writing, dancing, singing, hanging with her two dogs, and generally being outdoors. Although she is the advertising manager for the Sun Star this year, she frequently does freelance writing for the paper as well. When she isn’t in class, writing, or handling ads, she dances professionally with Dance REVolution and teaches both group and private lessons through her dance company Ballroom by Tiffany.




Matt Mertes Photo credit: Alex Frania

Matt Mertes
Staff Writer
Major: Political Science
Standing: Junior/Senior
Matt Mertes is a political science major at UAF. He was born in Houston, TX and enjoys snowboarding, longboarding and hanging out with his little pup Griddy. He has worked on and off for the Sun Star since coming back to school in 2015, and now works as the staff reporter.