Aesop rocks the Patty Center

Alyssa Dunehew / Sun Star Reporter
May 3, 2011

What do you get when you mix students, community members, local hip-hop artists and producers, two world-famous DJs, and three hip-hop legends into the Patty Center gym? You’ll get a show so loud and so hyped, the vibrations from the bass will shake your heart loose in your chest. Friday night, April 29, UAF welcomed DJ 50/50, Redd Dott, Phineas Gauge, Murs, DJ Foundation, Rob Sonic, Aesop Rock and DJ Big Wiz to the stage. Every one of these people delivered an outstanding performance to wrap up Friday’s SpringFest 2011 events.

The crowd was a good mix of students and community members, young and old. The line before the show snaked all the way down from the Patty Center to the parking lot, and by the time the first 30 people had been let through the door, there was already another line forming, this time for the best spots up front.

In the front row were UAF freshmen students Cody Mott and Dustin Bourque. Mott, who is a creative writing major, has been listening to Aesop Rock since 2004, and Bourque, and engineering major, has listened to Aesop since 2002 and Murs since 2005. Both were excited to see Aesop Rock here in Fairbanks.

“When I found out about the concert, I was like, ‘Oh, my God!’” Bourque said. “I had made plans with friends last year to see Aesop down in Anchorage, but the plans fell through and I didn’t end up getting to go.”

After a fantastic, energetic, and lyrically pleasing opener from Phineas Gauge, Murs took the stage and gave the crowd a fun performance, giant dreadlocks and all. Murs, a rapper from Los Angeles, California, has been a success since his first single released in 1993. He performed songs from his 2008 album, “Murs for President,” including “Everything” and “Break Up (The OJ Song).” Jonas Hurst, better known as DJ Foundation, accompanied him.

A few trick jumps and one DJ vs. Murs dance-off later, Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic, and DJ Big Wiz took over and didn’t disappoint. Aesop, whose real name is Ian Bavitz, hails from North Port, NY. He has been an alternative and underground hip-hop artist and producer since 1996. His new partner in crime, Rob Sonic, born in Washington, D.C. and raised in The Bronx, has been an active hip-hop artist and producer since 1998. With DJ Big Wiz as their third man, they informed the crowd that together, they made up a new collaborative group called Hail Mary Mallon, and they’re gearing to release their first album, “Are You Gonna Eat That?” on Tuesday, May 3. The songs “Church Pants” and “Smock” gave the crowd a taste of what to look forward to.



This article was edited on May 4, 2011. We misspelled Phineas Gauge in the original version. We regret this error.

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