All Ages Great Cover up attracts and thrills younger Fairbanks music lovers

Erin McGroarty/Sun Star Reporter
April 23, 2013

The Great Cover Up is one of the most popular events for UAF students. However, as the main event takes place each year in The Pub, the younger student population is typically excluded from the fun. While the event at the Pub has been organized in past years by the Concert Board, this year Clucking Blossom and KSUA teamed up and organized an all ages version of the event to give under age students a piece of the action. The money made from the $5 dollar cover charge went to fund this upcoming summers Clucking Blossom Music Festival.

The unique atmosphere of the Pub is difficult to live up to, but organizers tried to create a similar jive complete with a laser light show, strobe balloons and a row of lights lining the edge of the stage that lit up in unison with the drum set. Eight acts performed and the the event started at 6:30 p.m., on Saturday April 20. Students began filing into the Wood Center Ballroom at 6 p.m., eagerly awaiting the first act.

Not only does this event consistently attract a large group of under age UAF students, based on numbers in attendance in past years, but it also receives attention from high school students from around the Fairbanks area.

“I love this show,” Mikey Dewey, a senior from West Valley High School said. “I have to leave for a Ballroom Dance Competition later, but I wanted to get here early and catch a few acts because it’s one of my favorites.”

As more people poured into the Wood Center Ballroom and excitement built, event host KSUA DJ Hot Sexy Midnight took the stage and introduced the first act, A Hard Man is Good To Find, a two person Tom Waits cover group. At this point, the Wood Center Ballroom floor was all but empty leaving the first act playing to those few audience members sitting in chairs throughout the room. Following the end of this act, stomping feet and cheers from the now growing crowd filled the ballroom with noise as Fairbanks band, Sweet Sweet Premium took the stage in matching black vests and white shirts, as the second act covering the popular band Mumford and Sons. This group imitated Mumford and Sons with the new and unique twist of having a female vocalist, Wildlife Biology student Leah MacSwain.¬† Sweet Sweet Premium played some of the bands most popular songs such as “Lover of the Light” and “I Will Wait,” eliciting a booming response from the crowd that had now converged on the stage from all directions.

Knights in the Service of Santa, a bluegrass/folk Kiss cover band also performed and had the audience crowding the stage and dancing along to classics like “I Wanna Rock N’ Roll All Night” and “Christine Sixteen.” This group included Dr. Ron Barry, a UAF professor in Mathematical Sciences and Statistics.

“Some of you may know me as Dr. Barry, or Professor Barry, or sometimes even Professor Starchild,” Barry said in a gravely voice while sporting the star shaped Kiss face paint, “But tonight… You can call me Dr. Love.”

Following Knights in the Service of Santa was Joe Randsall Green, covering Coldplay, Hope + Jobs covering Johnny Cash, Just Ok Charlotte covering Good Charlotte and Young Fangs ending the night with an enthusiastic but short cover of The Strokes.

The concert lasted approximately three and a half hours, gathering more to the crowds with each act, and leaving them yelling for more as the lights came up and lasers faded, closing the 12th annual Great Cover Up until next spring semester.


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