April 18 ‘Nook on the Street

The state senate has proposed ending the Alaska Performance Scholarship by 2021. This week we asked students, did this scholarship factor in your decision to attend UAF and how do you think ending it will impact the university?

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“I guess it doesn’t really pertain to me because I don’t have that scholarship, but I know a few of my friends that do, so that could really hinder them because job-wise its hard with money. And I know a lot of people who do paycheck to paycheck, so I guess it didn’t really hinder me necause I live here..” -Abbi Walker, business, junior Photo credit: Maximilian Erickson

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“It didn’t really impact my decision to come to UAF because I didn’t qualify for it, but I know that a lot of people are paying for a lot of their school using it and it’s a really good way for students who don’t have many other options for college to be able to pay for it. And I understand that they are making cuts because money has to come from somewhere, so I’m sure they weighed the benefits a lot for what should get the cuts. But I think a lot of people are going to be upset because they won’t be able to pay for school anymore.” -Aerin Troxel, computer engineering, freshman Photo credit: Maximilian Erickson

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“If it weren’t for the scholarship I probably would’ve looked into other options because I didn’t have any other scholarship any where else. So yeah, it definitely helped me make my decision because most of my school here is paid for now and I think that by getting rid of it by 2021 will have an impact on the school because there will be less of an incentive to come here. And it will also just be harder on students in general who want to attend college.” -Garret Wilson, film and performing arts, freshman Photo credit: Maximilian Erickson

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“I don’t think that’s a realistic budget cut because it’s so useful for in-state residents and, yes it did, even though I didn’t receive it. Just the fact that I was able to potentially take those exams over and get such a significant scholarship that could contribute to in state tuition. And it impacted my boyfriend and my friends as well.” -Kirsten Duran, wildlife biology, junior Photo credit: Maximilian Erickson

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“My parents set up an account for me since we moved up here to help save up for college, so that’s what paid for my first year of college practically, if they end it it will impact a lot of people who already have it set up, Id like to see it stay. I think it’s a really good tool for students because they can’t spend that money even if they want to unless its specifically for school so it gives them more incentive to actually go if the money is already in the account.” -Thomas Antal, homeland security, senior Photo credit: Maximilian Erickson

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“I think that, for me, it definitely was a factor in staying in Alaska to go to college for sure because otherwise I would’ve had to get some loans. But as far as the senate goes, there’s certain things we need and certain things that would be nice and we have to pick and choose and pick our battles.” -Triston Nyquest. biology, senior Photo credit: Maximilian Erickson

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