April 4 ‘Nook on the Street

During spring break several cars in the Taku lot were broken into following students being told to park their cars in the lot for snow plowing. The lot is not patrolled, does not have security cameras and the university has not yet offered compensation. This week we asked students, what are your thoughts about this situation?

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“Like, I had a backpack stolen out of my car and I talked to the police department and there’s only so much you can do to prevent break ins, like keep your vehicle locked and cover valuables with a blanket. But I don’t think it’s very fair to put it on the university, but I mean it would be beneficial to have security cameras there to help the students and keep their assets safe. But asking the university for compensation isn’t very fair, I think." -Cody Smith, accounting, sophomore Photo credit: Maximilian Erickson

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“I think it's mismanaged. I haven’t heard about it yet and, other than that, I don’t really have an opinion.” -Ben Auerbach, art, freshman Photo credit: Maximilian Erickson

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“I guess that’s challenging for us since it’s not being monitored. We should probably monitor it if we have kids park their cars there. That’s probably one of the reasons I always park upper campus.” -Chanta Spain, biology, junior Photo credit: Maximilian Erickson

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“So I actually have a friend that that happened to. I believe the university should pay compensation via being told to park there and then via not having any security lines.” -Alex Mathews, natural resource management, sophomore Photo credit: Maximilian Erickson

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“So, I don’t think it’s the university’s responsibility to compensate students when their cars get broken into because, you know, if you go to Walmart and your car gets broken into Walmart isn’t going to compensate you for that. But that is a big parking lot down there; a lot of people park down there. I park there every day and I think the university would do good to get some security measures down there, like cameras, or at least patrol it.” -Leslie Reavis, petroleum engineering, sophomore Photo credit: Maximilian Erickson

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“I think it would be nice to have some level of security. I mean, perhaps more patrolling if they can’t afford cameras, but that definitely is a problem considering that not really any compensation is being done, so it would probably be better to have better security with what they can.” -Shawn Almario, mechanical engineering, senior Photo credit: Maximilian Erickson

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