April Fool's!

Elika Roohi/Sun Star Editor-in-Chief
April 2, 2013

If you read the cover of the paper this week and saw “Nuclear missile found inside ice climbing wall” and wondered what was going on, well, I guess I should explain.

Every year around April Fool’s the Sun Star puts out a satire issue called The Fun Star.  This is the stuff of Sun Star legend.  I don’t know when it started, just that the best fake stories are told and retold to new staff every year with Sun Star alum coming out of the woodworks to cheer us on in our quest for fake news.

Before spring break, the Distribution Manager was sorting through bins of old papers that had just been pulled out of the Wood Center dungeon.  While archiving them, we marveled at the old cover fonts and advertising inserts–there was a CD inserted into every single one of one of the issues.  And then we came across 2005’s Fun Star issue, all 16 pages of fake news.

Before I took over the paper as editor, I was never quite sold on the Fun Star.  It seemed random and unnecessary.  Student papers regularly get in trouble for satire pieces.  But while I was paging through the April 2005 Fun Star, in between “Dick Cheney declared sexist man alive” and “40-foot penis ready for climax,” I realized we don’t do the Fun Star for you.  We do it for us.

The Sun Star puts out 27 issues a year.  For 26 of those issues we work hard to cover campus events and report on UAF for you, the readers.  And guys, it wears us out.

Around this time of year, the reality of the slowly melting snow and classes in the second round of midterms make students go a bit crazy.  I know that’s what happens to me.

So for April Fool’s, we make it all up.  I hope you enjoy this year’s issue of the Fun Star.  Some of the stories are playful and some of them are a bit more critical under the shroud of satire.

If anything important happened this week, well, sorry we missed it.  Instead we have an entire issue of blatantly false news.  We had fun putting it together, and we hope you enjoy reading it.

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