ASUAF recap, September 13


ASUAF meets regularly to discuss the welfare of students on and off campus.

Diana Rupp / Sun Star

Present: Benjamin Anderson-Agimuk, Clay Allen, Erik Rickards, Jonathan Quinones, Kayleen Hansen, Mickey Zakurdaew, Sabrina Martin and Allyssia Garcia.

Excused: Cordero Reid and Ryan Cain.

Guests: Student Involvement Coordinator Josh Hovis and senate observers Katherine Dolma and Marissa Lizarraga.

Sunday’s senate meeting began with a call to order by Chair Quinones at 4 p.m. in room 208 of the Gruening building. After unanimously ratifying the minutes of the previous meeting, officers and directors of the senate gave their weekly reports. President Mathew Carrick began by claiming 10 hours over the past week, which were primarily spent assisting in the search for a new dean of students.

Vice President Colby Freel followed, claiming six hours spent primarily on housekeeping including replying to emails and meeting with the president. Freel reminded the senate that the Elections Board must be filled by the next senate meeting.

Public relations director Hannah Witherington did not report hours as she couldn’t remember the exact amount, but said she did spend time the past week updating the website, getting pictures from senators, and generally making things presentable.

Once officer reports were finished, Josh Hovis, the Student Involvement Coordinator for the LIVE office, gave a short presentation on a new site called OrgSync, which will allow students and clubs to view, create, and register for events through the use of a Facebook-esque system, thus creating a more accessible database for events around UAF. Hovis ended his presenation by inviting anyone interested in learning more about the site to come to one of the presentations in the Wood Center, which will be held at 1:05 p.m. every day in the back conference room except for Thursdays, on which day it will be held in the banner room.

After thanking Hovis for his presentation, the senate unanimously voted to suspend the rules and procedures so that nominations for the Publications Board, a committee that oversees the management of the Sun Star, could be made. Senator Erik Rickards nominated Dianna Rupp for the position. Senator Sabrina Martin seconded the motion, moving Rupp into confirmation of appointments.

The senate called for committee reports, but no committees were able to meet over the past week as members work to find appropriate meeting times.

The senate continued into the first reading of two new legislative bills. SB 185-002, which will amend the way that the CTC governance council is run and create a paid position to help with its maintenance, was moved to the Internal Affairs Committee, and SB 185-003, which will provide the UAF pub with funding to buy pizza for the upcoming FNSB mayoral candidate debate, was moved to the Student Affairs Committee.

Finally, the senate moved into confirmation of appointments, where Rupp was unanimously voted onto the Publications board, and with no legislation in second reading, the meeting was adjourned at 4:48 p.m.

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