ASUAF Recap, April 3: Senioritus affects the Senate


Matt Mertes / Sun Star

Present: Allyssia Garcia, Ivik Henry, Jacob Sears, Diane Murph, Cordero Reid

Absent Excused: Joseph Degraft-Emanfu, Ryan Cain

Absent Unexcused: Benjamin Anderson-Agimuk, Rose Bright, Zachary White

Everyone is running on empty coming to the end of the spring semester and ASUAF is no exception. The meeting was sparse this week on senators and content. There were only five senators in attendance this week, prompting Senator Cordero Reid to ask if everyone was doing well and if homework or personal obligations are getting in the way of ASUAF business.

ASUAF has had low participation this semester, but as the semester comes to a close it is becoming increasingly difficult to hold meetings. President Mathew Carrick said the topic could be better discussed at another time, considering most of the senators that may need help were not in attendance.

Even with a skeleton senate, a meeting was held this Sunday, April 3. Among the bills discussed was legislation to oppose Alaska Senate Bill 208. The Alaska Senate Bill 208 if passed would dissolve the Alaska Performance Scholarship.

“This is a really important issue, thousands of students will be affected if we don’t have a voice in this issue,” Colby Freel, vice president of ASUAF, said.

The scholarship, which allows many Alaskan students the opportunity to attend UA, would be dissolved for high school students graduating in the spring of 2017. Carrick, the Coalition of Student Leaders chair, drafted the resolution opposing the bill and it was first considered at today’s meeting. Many of the senators seemed in favor of supporting the resolution. The resolution was passed five to one.

With the resolution passing, Freel will be able to bring ASUAF’s resolution to Juneau with him this Tuesday as he and other students go to advocate. The senate fears that if this scholarship were to disappear, it would adversely affect many of Alaska’s bright young students that may need help gaining access to higher education.

With ASUAF running short on senators, Degraft-Emanfu threw his hat into the ring to chair Internal Affairs, to keep the senate functional. Without a chair of the Internal Affairs Committee, the other committees would not be able to perform their functions. Degraft-Emanfu is a full time student and has two full time jobs. Acting Senate Chair Allyssia Garcia Thanked Degraft-Emanfu for volunteering his time to help the senate.

Senate elections are coming up soon. ASUAF has four people on the ballet this year and hope to see a large turn out of students to vote for their Senators. If you would like to know more about the upcoming elections students can inquire at the ASUAF offices in the Wood Center.

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