ASUAF amends bylaws, sets summer agenda

Andrew Sheeler / Sun Star Reporter
May 8, 2011

ASUAF senators met for what they thought was the last time of the spring semester on Sunday, May 8. They received more than they bargained for when students Josh Hovis, Ashleigh Strange and Michael Farrell showed up to protest the senate’s decision to amend its election bylaws. SR 176-007 was the bill Hovis and the others were referencing. The bill amends the senate bylaws by removing the requirement that the senate clerk read all ballot entries. ASUAF President-elect Mari Freitag said that some of the entries written were morally offensive to her and that “if we read one of them, we have to read all of them.” Joshua Luther, a former ASUAF senator who now works for the statewide-based Coalition of Student Leaders said that the some of the write-ins, which contained profane language, were an “abuse of the system.”

Strange, Hovis and Farrell each took turns addressing the senate during guest remarks, each strongly condemning the bill to change the bylaws and the senators who were pushing for it. Strange and Hovis both read from prepared remarks, and both said that if the write-in votes were not read aloud, as the bylaws dictated, then those were votes that didn’t count. Hovis told the senate that by not reading all the votes aloud, the senators were in dereliction of their duty.In addition, Strange said that her votes on certain parts of the online ballot were not counted and that several of her friends votes were also unrecorded. Strange’s formal written complaint, as well as a written complaint from Michael Farrell mean that the senate will meet one more time this academic year, in a special session on Friday, May 13.

After several minutes of debate, the senate was deadlocked on the vote to amend the bylaws. The four in favor were Senators Dillon Ball, Jennifer Chambers, Robert Kinnard and Chelsea Holt. The four senators opposed were Hollie Seiler, Mary Strehl, John Netardus and Ean Pfeiffer. Senate Chair Ryan Duffy broke the tie in favor of amending the bylaws. The senate clerk will not be required to read the election results out loud.

The subject of summer was also on the agenda for ASUAF. According to ASUAF President Nicole Carvajal’s 2011-12 budget, ASUAF expects to collect roughly $25,000 over the summer in student fees. A summer committee is appointed to spend the funds. By a vote of 5-3-0, Jennifer Chambers beat Hollie Seiler and Arthur Martin (respectively) to be named summer chair. Senators Seiler and Martin will join Chambers on the committee, as well as Sen. Pfeiffer and the absent Sen. Joshua Cooper.

Seiler submitted a bill, SB176-027, that would provide the summer Sun Star with a pre-paid ad purchase of $3,000 with which to operate until the beginning of the next fiscal year in July. At that time, an additional $5,607 in ads will be purchased from the the Sun Star. The approximately $8,607 constitutes an ad-buy in both The Sun Star website and the fall 2011 paper edition of The Sun Star. The bill was passed near unanimously, with Sen. Ball abstaining and Sen. Jesse Cervin having left before the vote took place.

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  1. Jennifer Chambers says:

    It’s the senate chair, not the senate clerk, who reads the election results.

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