ASUAF Briefs – April 12, 2011

Jeremia Schrock / Sun Star
April 12, 2011

This week’s briefs cover the April 10 ASUAF senate meeting.


  • Ean Pfeiffer
  • John Netardus
  • Josh Cooper
  • Jennifer Chambers
  • Chelsea Holt
  • Dillon Ball
  • Robert Kinnard III
  • Ryan Duffy
  • Arthur Martin
  • Hollie Seiler
  • Jesse Cervin
  • Mary Strehl
  • Paul Pharr

RISE Board update:

Sara Cunningham, the Vice Chair of the RISE Board, addressed the senate concerning SR 176-003: RISE Board Accountability Referendum. Cunningham stated that the resolution had incorrect financial information. She also stated that $30,000 had already been spent on researching on where to install solar panels. She added that the $337,000 installation cost would potentially be cut in-half.

ASUAF hands out awards

ASUAF awarded their annual Faculty and Staff Members of the Year Award. The Faculty award went to Prof. Latrice Laughlin in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. The Staff award went to a worker at the Lola Tilly Commons, however the recipient’s full name was unknown at the time of awarding.

Gerrymandering film a go

SB 176-014A: Gerrymandering Documentary was passed by a vote of 10-0-0. This legislation will allot $205 to purchase and show the documentary “Gerrymandering” to students on campus.

Senators of the Year a no-go

SB 176-015: ASUAF Senators of the Year was failed by a vote of 0-10-0. This legislation would have allowed for the nomination of three ASUAF senators of the year. Each senator would have received a $25 gift card to

Troop aide

SB 176-017: Operation Troop Support was failed by a vote of 0-8-3. This legislation would have allotted $2,500 to fly up Keni Thomas, a former Army Ranger, as a motivational speaker.

Spring Retreat postponed

SB 176-018A: Changing the Spring Retreat was passed by a vote of consent. A vote of consent means a bill is passed as long as no one objects to it.  This bill will postpone ASUAF’s annual senatorial spring retreat until Fall 2011.

RISE Board referendum fails

SR 176-003A: RISE Board Accountability Referendum was failed by a vote of 2-7-2. The resolution would have stated that it was the opinion of the senate that the board’s solar panel project be either moved to another building or halted.

Quidditch gets funding

SB 176-020: Quidditch Needs Money passed by a vote of consent. This bill will allot $200 to The Quidditch Club in order to allow them to purchase gear and equipment prior to their debut match during SpringFest. The senate allotted them money because the club was formed after Club Council funding forms were due.

Martin stays

During the April 3 senate meeting, Sen. Kinnard made a motion to remove Sen. Martin. It was tabled until the April 10 meeting to allow Martin to speak in his own defense. When the motion was brought up, Kinnard withdrew it. Martin stated that he was glad Kinnard had made the motion, adding that it was important senators care about their jobs and ensure the senate not look like a joke to the student body.

TAB money

Sen. Chambers stated that the TAB board had allotted its yearly funds. The TAB Board grants money to organizations that lack the money to upgrade or replace outdated technological equipment. Chambers added that the recipients of the awarded funds would be notified by mail within the next two weeks.

Budget changes

Pres. Nicole Carvajal stated that she had finished ASUAF’s 2011-2012 budget and added that she expects ASUAF to receive “a lot more money” in the coming year. The current budget shows ASUAF receiving an estimated $539,000 next year. She added two new positions including an ombudsman and an advisor for the senate.

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