ASUAF Briefs – April 19, 2011

Jeremia Schrock / Sun Star Reporter
April 19, 2011

The following notes are from the April 17 senate meeting, held in the Alumni Lounge.


  • Arthur Martin
  • Mary Strehl
  • Robert Kinnard III
  • Chelsea Holt
  • Dillon Ball
  • Ryan Duffy
  • Jennifer Chambers
  • John Netardus
  • Josh Cooper

Website issues

The ASUAF website is down. Sen. Duffy stated that he has a meeting scheduled with the ASUAF Executive Officer, Sabra Phillips, to discuss the website. He added that it would be “bad if one of the few forms of public outreach [remains] unreliable.” Sen. Martin put forward the idea of letting the Sun Star take over the website since they have a reliable web director. Sen. Cooper stated that the senate should hire their own web director.

Senate Chair report

President Carvajal vetoed no legislation.

Executive Committee report

Committee chair Sen. Chambers stated that her committee had made very few amendments to the budget. She added that they would have a special meeting to discuss the budget during the upcoming week.

Gruening signboard

ASUAF presidential nominee Monika Kunat expressed her concern that the ASUAF signboard in Gruening was outdated and unprofessional. Duffy stated that he “ may just go there and tear it all down.” Updating the signboard is no ones official job, Duffy said. He added that the Organizational Director had volunteered to update it.

Seiler removal

Chambers moved to remove Sen. Hollie Seiler from the senate due to accumulated absences. Sen. Cooper seconded the motion. Sen. Kinnard moved to table it, stating that precedent had been set to notify senators who were up for removal, adding that it was “common decency” to do so.

Travel grants awarded

SB 176-022: Student Travel Award Spring 2011 awarded $3,500 to the following students:

$900 to Isaac Thompson, Amanda Mertes, Craig McKenzie, Allan Spangler, William Coleman and Maura Sateriale.

$450 to Wyatt Rehder and Ryan King.

$600 to Christiana Wright, Ryan Sanders and Lisa Stowell.

$900 to Andrew Chamberlain and Maggie Matheson.

$650 to Amanda Barnard, Daniel Martolano, Brianna Brefczynski, Jene Fricks-Culbreath, Travis Fricks-Culbreath and Tiffany Terry.

Travel grants go toward reimbursing student travel for projects ASUAF supports.

Since the legislation pertained to money, the vote was by roll call. It passed by a vote of 6-0-2.

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