ASUAF Briefs – April 26, 2011

Jeremia Schrock / Sun Star Reporter
April 26, 2011

The following briefs were compiled from notes taken during the April 24 meeting of the ASUAF senate. The meeting discussed several senate bills and the FY12 ASUAF budget.


  • Hollie Seiler
  • John Netardus
  • Ryan Duffy
  • Joshua Cooper
  • Dillon Ball
  • Arthur Martin
  • Jennifer Chambers
  • Ean Pfeiffer
  • Chelsea Holt
  • Robert Kinnard III
  • Paul Pharr
  • Jesse Cervin

Sun Star emergency funding

Andrew Sheeler, Editor-in-Chief of the Sun Star, formally requested that the Executive Committee kill SB 176-010: Sun Star Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2011. Sheeler stated that the Publication Board (which oversees the Sun Star) will be discussing it’s funding concerns with Vice Chancellor Mike Sfraga and Executive Officer Ali Kinabe.

Quorum stays

SB 176-023: Removing Quorum was sponsored by Sen. Joshua Cooper and had no fiscal impact. The bill was written due to the reoccurring issue of senate committees not meeting due to a failure to make quorum. The bill would have made “quorum” a simple majority. Pres. Nicole Carvajal made the motion to dismiss and was seconded by Sen. Dillon Ball. The legislation was dismissed. This means that such a bill cannot be brought to the senate again during this term.

Assassin equipment

SB 176-024: Squirt Guns will allot $400 to the Residence Hall Association (RHA) to allow said group to purchase water guns for this semesters game of Assassins. The original legislation called for $600 but a motion was made to amend said legislation by Sens. Dillon Ball and John Netardus. The bill was further amended to state that any left over funding would go to the RHA to purchase prizes for the games winners. A motion to consent passed the bill.

Zoom zoom

SB 176-025: Society of Automotive Engineers would allot $2,000 to the above-mentioned organization. Mike Golub and several colleagues were present in support of the bill. The bill was written during the meeting and sponsored by Sen. Jesse Cervin. The bill was moved to Executive Committee.

Website down (again)

The ASUAF website is down again. According to Sen. Chair Ryan Duffy, there was a “hard drive problem with the server we bought.” ASUAF was told by OIT that it needs to purchase a new server.

Student advisor a no-go

Pres. Nicole Carvajal strongly advocated for an advisor for ASUAF, allotting $20,000 in the FY12 budget to accommodate the creation of a new position. Carvajal stated that while ASUAF has an Executive Officer (Sabra Phillips), she is in no way an advisor when it comes to ensuring the senate follows its bylaws or rules of procedure. The advisor would also have ensured that new senators be properly trained and educated in the procedures of the senate. Several senators spoke against the idea, stating that the position would be a “useless addition” (Martin) to ASUAF.

By a vote of 3-0-8 the line item appropriating money for a student advisor was cut from the budget.

Sun Star summer funding

The FY12 ASUAF budget has allotted the Sun Star $5,607.30 to operate online over the summer. The money was allotted by way of an advertisement purchase.

Seiler stays

A motion made by Sen. Jennifer Chambers during the April 17 meeting to remove Sen. Hollie Seiler was withdrawn.

Elections board issues?

According to Sen. Chair Ryan Duffy, the Elections Board made changes to the elections manual without the consent of the senate. According to Pres. Nicole Carvajal, the elections board is allowed to do so if the need arises. Elections Board Chair Robert Kinnard III stated that the minutes from the meeting where the manual was changed were being typed and would be emailed to Duffy on Monday.

Club Karneval parade

Sens. John Netardus, Chelsea Holt and Jennifer Chambers will be judges for the Club Karneval Parade event during SpringFest.

Budget passes senate

By a motion of consent, the FY12 budget for ASUAF passed the senate. Like any legislation, the president has the option of vetoing it.

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