ASUAF Recap – March 18, 2012

Lakeidra Chavis/ Sun Star Reporter
March 20, 2012

Senators in attendance
Holt, Hopkins, Netardus, Golub, Chambers, Chamberlain, Zakurdaew, Brown, Kinnard III, Shurz and Burley

Senators absent
O’Connor, Young, Burns-Shafer and Cervin

Directors in attendance

New Senator
Bryant Hopkins was nominated to be an ASUAF Senator. The motion was expedited and Hopkins was sworn into the senate by a unanimous vote.

Senator Appointments
Robert Kinnard III was nominated to be chair of the student commencement speaker committee. The nomination was sent to the university relations committee.

Juneau Follow-Up Advocacy
Mari Freitag, Josh Banks, Chelsea Holt, Kinnard III and Hopkins returned to Juneau during spring break to advocate for advising, merit and needs-based scholarships and deferred maintenance.

 All work and no play?
SB 178-? Ping Pong Table for McIntosh” would allocate up to $150 for a new pingpong table in McIntosh Hall. John Netardus and McKinley Zakurdaew sponsored the bill. The previous table was destroyed by students last summer and Residence Life has not yet provided a new table. The legislation stated that, the new ping pong table would “raise [student] morale and bring happiness to residents”, as well as advertise the availability of ASUAF. The bill was passed a vote of 8-0-2. Netardus and Zakurdaew abstained.

CTC Membership
“SB 178-05 The CTC Student Governance Council Membership” would establish a designated number of members on the CTC Governance Council and allow ASUAF to fill vacant positions. The legislation would ensure that people were on the council and create a dialogue between the council and ASUAF. Holt sponsored the bill. The bill was passed by a vote of 7-0.

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  1. Sam Elliot says:

    [shush]Only an idiot sponsors a bill and then abstains from voting for it.[/shush]

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