ASUAF Briefs – June 29, 2011

Jeremia Schrock/Sun Star Reporter
July 1, 2011

The following minutes were compiled from notes taken during the June 29, 2011 ASUAF meeting in senate chambers at the University of Alaska – Fairbanks (UAF).


  • Jennifer Chambers, summer committee chair
  • Josh Cooper, senator
  • Arthur Martin, senator


  • Ean Pfeiffer, senator


  • Robert Kinnard III, senator
  • Jeremia Schrock, reporter

Summer BBQ bill

SB 17X – 002 Summer BBQ will allot $1,500 to allow ASUAF to hold a barbeque for UAF students on July 15. The bill was adopted by consent.

Summer BBQ prize bill

SB 17X – 003 Summer BBQ Prizes will use part of the $1,500 allocated in SB 17X – 002 to purchase prizes from the UAF Bookstore. The senate committee plans to purchase the items next week. The bill was adopted by consent.

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