ASUAF Briefs – March 1, 2011

Jeremia Schrock / Sun Star Reporter
March 1, 2011


Jesse Cervin, Robert Kinnard III, Sophia Grzeskowiak-Amezquita, Arthur Martin, Jennifer Chambers, John Netardus, Chelsea Holt, Ean Pfeiffer, Josh Cooper, Tachit Chairat, Ryan Duffy, Mary Strehl and Hollie Seiler.

Senator confirmed

Hollie Seiler, a journalism student, was confirmed to the senate. She stated that although she is graduating this May, she intends to enroll in a class next year so she can continue to serve. When asked by Sen. Jennifer Chambers on what she wanted to do as a senator, Seiler responded that she intended to reach out to students in order to better understand their needs.

Smoking outside Hess

Yuzhun Evanoff addressed the senate about a lack of smoking stands outside of Hess Village. Evanoff’s primary concern was over the cigarette butts that he feels are carelessly flicked around the area. Sen. Sophia Grzeskowiak-Amezquita stated that she believed such stands did exist and that it was possible they had been removed for maintenance.

Masquerade Ball

In her Executive Committee report, Sen. Chambers stated that they were having difficulty finding a venue for this year’s Masquerade Ball.

Senate meeting cancelled

Next Sunday’s (Mar. 6) senate meeting has been cancelled. The Chancellor invited the senate over to his house for a pizza party during the senate’s regularly scheduled meeting time. A special session may be called.

Sun Star funding

The senate read SB 176-010: Sun Star Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2011, which would provide the Sun Star with an additional $15,000 from the ASUAF rollover account. One projection has the Sun Star running $20,000 in debt by the end of the semester. Sen. Arthur Martin moved to dismiss the legislation. By a vote of 7-4, the legislation was not dismissed. A two-thirds majority vote was needed. The bill has been sent to the Executive Committee.

Alternative Spring Break

SB 176-007: 2011 Alternative Spring Break was passed by a vote of 9-3. The bill allotted $1,750 to the Alternative Spring Break program in order to help defray the cost. The funding will come from Senate Projects.

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