ASUAF Briefs – March 22, 2011

Jeremia Schrock / Sun Star Reporter
March 22, 2011

Information presented in this brief was collected from an ASUAF meeting.


  • Josh Cooper
  • Ean Pfeiffer
  • Ryan Duffy
  • Tachit Chairat
  • John Netardus
  • Chelsea Holt
  • Jennifer Chambers
  • Arthur Martin
  • Robert Kinnard III
  • Jesse Cervin
  • Mary Strehl
  • Paul Pharr

Elections board

Vice President Mari Freitag has resigned as Elections Board chair in order to run in this April’s election. Freitag will be running for ASUAF president. Sen. Robert Kinnard III was confirmed at Freitag’s replacement. Ashton Compton and Yuzhun Evanoff were nominated to the Elections Board. The board has the power to amend the elections manual and is a “pretty important function of ASUAF,” according to Sen. Ryan Duffy. The nominations have been tabled for a week pending the candidates acceptance of their nominations.

Senate chambers a mess

Sen. John Netardus said that it was his opinion that the senate chambers needs to be cleaned up. He cited students who had came into the chambers and remarked on the general state of its untidiness.

Retreat now paintball tournament

The Internal Affairs Committee decided to allocate money from contingency to hold a paintball tournament instead of the traditional retreat.

Earth Day legislation missing

SB 175-022: Earth Day. This bill would allocate $250 to the Sustainable Campus Task Force for them to host an Earth Day event on April 22. Sen. Jennifer Chambers believes that the bill may still be in the Public Relations Committee, but added that there was no record of it having been voted on.

Gerrymandering documentary

SB 176-014: Gerrymandering Documentary. This bill would allocate $205 to purchase and show a film concerning gerrymandering, the restructuring of voting districts. The bill was sponsored by Sen. Robert Kinnard III. Sen. Jennifer Chambers wants to table the bill for a week, saying that even though the fiscal impact is not very much, she wants to make sure that student money is well spent. The bill was sent to the Student Affairs Committee.

Senators of the year

SB 176-015: ASUAF Senators of the Year. This bill was sponsored by Sen. Arthur Martin and would set up an award to annually provide three senators with a $25 gift card to Martin believes that this will encourage senators to be proactive.

Promoting ASUAF

Two bills were in discussion concerning the promotion of ASUAF. SB 176-016: ASUAF Bling (sponsored by Sen. Arthur Martin) would allot money to promote ASUAF during both the spring elections and during SpringFest. It was sent to the Public Relations Committee. The second bill was SB 176-003: Masquerade Ball Redux (sponsored by Sen. Jennifer Chambers) would allocate $750 for ASUAF to hold a masquerade ball. Sen. Mary Strehl stated that she “would feel very uncomfortable” with strangers wearing masks and Sen. Paul Pharr added that such events are “irrelevant” to promoting ASUAF and would only provide students with a “chance to grind with each other.” The bill passed by a vote of five to four, with three senators abstaining.

Troop support legislation

SB 176-017: Operation Troop Support was sponsored by Sen. Arthur Martin and would provide $2,500 in order to send care packages to US soldiers abroad and would fly up Keni Thomas, an ex-Army Ranger who is now a motivational speaker. The bill was sent to Executive Committee.

Rise Board resolution

SR 176-003: RISE Board Accountability Directive was sponsored by Sen. Arthur Martin and would halt the organizations SRC solar panel project. Martin further stated that the project was a “gross misallocation of the student sustainability fee.” Duffy said that the senate did not have the authority to stop the project, but added that the resolution could be amended to represent the senate’s opinion. The bill was sent to Executive Committee.

Bill alteration

SR 176-002: Amendability of Legislation Purpose was sponsored by Sen. Jennifer Chambers and would amend the rules of procedure in order to prevent a bill’s purpose from being altered on the senate floor. After a lengthy debate, the bill passed by a vote of 6-4-1.


This article was modified on March 22, 2011. In the section titled “Earth Day legislation missing,” we incorrectly labeled the ASUAF Public Relations Committee as the University Relations Committee. In the section titled “Promoting ASUAF,” we initially reported that the Masquerade Ball Redux bill was sent to committee. The bill was passed. We have made the corrections and the Sun Star regrets these errors.

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