ASUAF Briefs – March 29, 2011

Jeremia Schrock / Sun Star Reporter
March 29, 2011


  • Chelsea Holt
  • Jesse Cervin
  • Arthur Martin
  • Robert Kinnard III
  • Dillon Ball
  • Ian Pfeiffer
  • Mary Strehl
  • Tay Chairat
  • Ryan Duffy
  • Joshua Cooper
  • Hollie Seiler

Motivational speaker

Tristian Monterastelli spoke on behalf of SB 176-017: Operation Troop Support. She approached Sen. Martin with the idea of bringing up Keni Thomas in conjunction with the Residence Hall Association’s plan to send care packages to US soldiers overseas. Thomas is a former soldier who is now a motivational speaker. Monterastelli believes that bringing up Thomas would be a good fit for UAF due to a strong ROTC presence and numerous veterans on campus. The bill was sent to Executive Committee.

Wrong numbers?

President Nikki Carvajal stated that the student enrollment numbers ASUAF uses to budget are wrong. She believes that this would explain such a large carry forward amount. In her budget, she has also allotted an additional $20,000 a year for an ASUAF adviser.

RISE board update

Heather Currey spoke to the senate on behalf of the RISE Board. She stated that the board had selected nine projects to fund, but did not discuss all of them as the list of approved applicants had not yet been made official. She further stated that the recycling dumpsters are taking in “way more then you would think.” Currey said that “almost everything” that they take in (including glass and paper) was averaging over 10,000 pounds a week.

Several of the projects the RISE Board has made public include the purchasing of a glass pulverizer (which will be managed by Facilities Services), wherein glass will be crushed and used for both traction control and horticultural purposes. The board plans to retrofit the Honors House with new appliances, provide summer classes that will teach carbon emission calculation and create a local community supported agriculture (CSA) program on campus.

Currey further stated that the solar panel project is progressing with the panels being installed over the summer. The RISE board is intending to locate a private funder who will be willing to share the costs with the board, but who is willing to give UAF the energy at no cost. While the investor would own the panels, they would receive a tax break and after 10 years transfer the ownership of the panels to UAF. The total cost will be half of what they originally thought and Currey stated that they are “getting pretty close” to breaking even.


Michaela Swanson was confirmed for nomination to the RISE Board.

Yuzhun Evanoff and Ashton Compton were confirmed for appointment to the Concert Board. Compton was not present but had mentioned to Vice President Mari Freitag that since she is graduating this May that she’d like “to do this one last thing” for the student government. She is currently the student regent.

Vetoed legislation

During the week, President Nicole Carvajal vetoed two pieces of legislation. She vetoed SB 176-003: Masquerade Ball Redux stating that the $800 cost was not justified. The veto was upheld. She also vetoed SR 176-002: Amendability of Legislations Purpose.

During the senate meeting, Senate Chair Ryan Duffy stepped down so he could discuss SR 176-002. The Senate Chair presides over the meeting and as such is not allowed to partake of discussions on the senate floor. Sen. Cooper was made temporary chair.

Duffy spoke on behalf of the bill, arguing that the veto left the senate with the ability to alter a statement of purpose on the senate floor. He felt that when it comes to altering a statement of purpose that power should be left with the bills sponsor and not the senate as a whole. Duffy made the motion to overturn the veto and Sen. Tay Chairat seconded it.

By a vote of 6-4 the veto was upheld.

Senator steps down

Sen. Sophia Grzeskowiak-Amezquita stepped down as a senator this past week.

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