ASUAF Briefs – March 8, 2011

Jeremia Schrock / Sun Star Reporter
March 8, 2011

Information presented in this brief was collected from a special executive committee meeting held on March 4 and from the regularly scheduled senate meeting held on March 6.


  • Ryan Duffy
  • Tachit Chairat
  • Dillon Ball
  • John Netardus
  • Mary Strehl
  • Ean Pfeiffer
  • Sophia Grzeskowiak-Amezquita
  • Jennifer Chambers
  • Josh Cooper
  • Robert Kinnard III
  • Jesse Cervin
  • Arthur Martin
  • Chelsea Holt
  • Paul Pharr

Executive committee meeting

The Executive Committee met on Friday to discuss SB 176-003: Masquerade Ball Redux and SB 176-010: Sun Star Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2011. Both were tabled pending further discussion. A large number of students and faculty members turned out in support of the Sun Star bill, which would allot the student paper $15,000 to ensure continued printing throughout the semester. Sen. Jennifer Chambers estimated 25-30 individuals were present.

Strehl stays

A motion was made to remove Sen. Mary Strehl due to accrued absences. By a vote of 2-7-4 she was not removed. Sen. Jennifer Chambers advised Strehl to make an effort to attend regular senate and committee meetings. During the vote Strehl abstained.


The elections board is looking for members. The new computers for ASUAF have been ordered. Rosemary Paz was named Student Organizations Director. President Nicole Carvajal is attempting to secure an advisor for ASUAF. Chancellor Rogers’ planned pizza party for ASUAF, to be held on March 5, was cancelled due to the Chancellor being ill.

Meeting cancelled

The senate voted 10-1 to cancel their March 13 senate meeting. It was cancelled due to its overlap with Spring Break. Both Sens. Dillon Ball and Arthur Martin stated that there was a good chance they wouldn’t be able to make quorum due to senators being away.

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