ASUAF Candidate Bios: Spring 2010 Election edition

ASUAF elections are Wednesday and Thursday. Polls will be open in a variety of locations, including the Wood Center. Here’s a brief look at each of the candidates.

President/Vice President

My name is Arthur Martin and I’m running for ASUAF president along with Sara Cunningham as vice president on the platform of an active, open, and accountable government. I have been a senator for the last three years. I have been an Internal Affairs Committee chairman and am currently an Executive Committee chairman and a parliamentarian for the ASUAF senate. I feel that if the students on campus pay a fee to an organization, they should know what that organization is doing and where that money is going.
If elected, I will send out a bi-weekly newsletter to all the students through the student list-serve, I will write a weekly column in the Sun Star and I will set up a monthly forum with different faculty members for a round table discussion with student input.
As president, I will work with the RISE committee, which is in charge of implementing the $20.00 sustainability
fee, and make sure that students know exactly what is happening with their money and what progress is being made to make our campus more sustainable.

My name is Sara Cunningham and I am running for ASUAF vice president with Arthur Martin as president.
I have been an ASUAF senator for the last year and I am currently chairwoman of the Public Relations
Committee as well as a board member for the Student Recreation Center.
As vice president I want to have an active, open and accountable government. I propose three channels of communication: a weekly editorial in the Sun Star, a student list serve, and an open forum where students can communicate with senators, faculty or administrators.
I strongly believe that student input into Residence Life policy change is necessary. Res Life affects every student living on campus, and it is one of the only major institutions that does not have direct student input. I vow to correct this if elected vice president.

My name is Nicole Carvajal and I’m running for ASUAF president. Currently, I am the Government Relations director for ASUAF, and I serve on the state Coalition of Student Leaders. During my time with the student government, I have chaired the Public Relations Committee and Summer Senate Committee; led the advocacy efforts with the state Legislature and the Board of Regents; and worked with UAF administration on campus problems, such as the bookstore.
I understand the university from different perspectives. Over the past year I have been a part-time student while working as a staff member on campus to help pay for school, so I understand the difficulties that both traditional and non-traditional students face at UAF.
As president, my main goals will be to make school affordable for all students and to increase the amount of services that the student government provides. Keeping tuition low, making sure all departmental fees are reviewed, in particular parking and athletics, and holding the university accountable for the way it spends the student’s money are essential.

My name is Mari Freitag and I’m running for ASUAF vice president with presidential candidate Nicole Carvajal. I have been a part of ASUAF since my freshman year here at UAF. I have been a senator since October 2008, and was hired as the senate clerk last November. Currently, I participate in three senate committees, and am chairwoman of one of them. I have been involved in the Residence Hall Association since my freshman year, and currently hold the position of RHA secretary. I have also been a member of the Student Recreation Center Board of Directors since last fall.
The issues I plan to focus on as vice president include Club Council, the SRC, and Residence Life. I have experience advocating at Board of Regents meetings, and at the Alaska State Legislature. I plan to continue advocating for what the students of UAF need and deserve at those higher governing levels.


My name is Josh Banks and I am a candidate for Senate Seat A. I am a sophomore seeking a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. I am looking at getting into politics after college, so I am trying to get as much experience as I can now.
I am politically conservative, and I have strong opinions on issues such as abortion, which I am against. Being a political science major, I think that I could bring positive changes to the ASUAF Senate. One of my goals would be for the Senate to represent the students of UAF. Previous senators have done a poor job doing this because the students of UAF are not aware of who their senators are or what they are able to do. If elected I would work to make the actions and the people of the ASUAF Senate more visible to students.

My name is Jennifer Chambers and I am a candidate for Senate Seat J. I am a senior majoring in chemistry. I was involved
with ASUAF for a number of years and I am interested in being on the Senate again. Currently, I am the student commissioner
on the Alaska Commission on Post-Secondary Education and I am an ex-officio member of the Coalition of Student Leaders.

My name is Michael Farrell and I am a candidate for Senate Seat B. I’m a life-long resident of Fairbanks and, after attending Lathrop High School, I decided to pursue a degree in foreign languages at UAF. I founded the UAF German Club three years ago and I’ve been an active member of the Club Council and a supporter of student organization at UAF ever since. As a freshman senator, I helped strengthen the communication between clubs and organization and the ASUAF Senate.

My name is Tara Hutchison and I’m a candidate for a seat on the Concert Board. I am a senior getting a Bachelor of Science degree in geology at UAF. I am co-president of the Sustainable Campus Task Force and a member of the RISE Committee. I grew up in Fairbanks and I’ve attended local concerts since Jr. High. I would like to serve on the Concert Board because
although I’m useful on the dance floor I think I could also be useful behind the scenes.

Ryan Duffy, candidate for Senate Seat D: No biographical information provided.

Patrick Sanders, candidate for Senate Seat D: No biographical information provided.

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