Election Results: Freitag and Ball re-elected, senate size to be reduced

Lakeidra Chavis/Sun Star Reporter
May 1, 2012

Blake Burley sits at the ASUAF elections table in the Wood Center, Wednesday April 25. Amelia Cooper/ Sun Star

The following information is the unofficial ASUAF Spring 2012 election results.

Each senate or student running for a student seat ran unopposed. Runners-up with incomplete names were not included in the results below.

President and Vice President

Mari Freitag and Dillon Ball

ASUAF Concert Board

Rosemary Paz

Runner-up: Eli Barry-Garland

Senate Seat A

Will Collingwood

Senate Seat B

Bryant Hopkins

Senate Seat C

Charles Allison

Runner-up: Eli Barry-Garland

Senate Seat D

Virginia Miner

Senate Seat E

Michael Golub

Senate Seat F

Ayla O’Scannell

Senate Seat G

Heidi Shepard

Runners-up: Chelsea Holt and John Seiler

Seat Seat H

Nathanael O’Connor

Senate Seat I

Sarah Walker

Senate Seat J

Michael Magnan

The following questions appeared on the 2012 ASUAF general election ballot:

  • Do you use the new filtered water fountains located in the Wood Center and MBS complex?

Total votes: 250

Yes, several times week – 28 percent

No, I do not use water fountains – 28 percent

Yes, once a day – 23 percent

Yes, once a week – 20 percent

  • Do you agree the sidewalks on campus are too dangerous due to ice and snow and should be changed more regularly?

Total votes: 251

Strongly agree- 33 percent

Agree  – 24 percent

Neutral – 22 percent

Disagree – 13 percent

Strongly disagree – 8 percent

  • Do you feel there should be an ASUAF summer committee?

Total votes: 233

No- 54 percent

Yes- 46 percent

  • Do you participate in a club on campus?

Total votes: 246

Yes – 61 percent

No – 39 percent

  • Are you aware of the Ad Hoc Committee and club funding process?

Total votes: 241

No – 55 percent

Yes – 45 percent

  • How strongly do you feel that ASUAF should have an advisor?

Total votes: 245

Strongly agree – 32 percent

Agree – 29 percent

Neutral – 25 percent

Disagree – 6 percent

Strongly disagree – 8 percent

  • How active do you think ASUAF is on campus regarding hosting student events?

Total votes: 261

Somewhat active – 30 percent

Not active – 22 percent

Neutral – 19 percent

Active – 16 percent

Very active – 13 percent

  • How well do you think ASUAF works on outreach to the student population?

Total votes: 241

Poor – 37 percent

Fair – 24 percent

Neutral – 21 percent

Good – 14 percent

Excellent – 5 percent

  • How would you feel about allowing an award to go to individuals who perform a service to their school and uphold all their duties as an ASUAF senator?

Total votes: 241

I support this – 48 percent

Neutral – 28 percent

I do not support this – 24 percent

  • Do you agree that ASUAF does its job representing the needs of their fellow student associates?

Total votes: 240

Neutral – 34 percent

Agree – 28 percent

Disagree – 17 percent

Strongly disagree – 15 percent

Strongly agree – 5 percent

  • Shall the following amendments be made to the ASUAF bylaws in order to change the number of ASUAF Senate seats from 20 to 14?
  • Bylaw 200.6.1 be amended to read “Seats on the Senate are divided into two classes, Fall and Spring.” effective January 1st, 2012
  • Bylaw 200.6.4 be amended to “Seven seats are Fall seats, labeled Seat H through N,.” effective January 1st, 2013
  • Bylaw 200.6.3 be amended to “Seven seats are Spring Seats, labeled Seat A through Seat G.” effective September 1st, 2013
  • 204.3 (“Ten seats on the Senate shall be considered Fall seats”) and 204.4 (“Ten seats on the Senate shall be considered Spring Seats”) of the elections manual be stricken
  • An additional bylaw be added: “Seven senators will be elected in each general election.” following 204.1 in the Elections Manual

Total votes: 232

Yes: 72.4 percent

No: 27.6 percent

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