ASUAF Election Results

The results from the ASUAF elections, held Nov. 29 and 30.

Senate Seat K
Winner: Dillon Ball

Senate Seat L:
Winner: Josh Cooper (write in)

Senate Seat N:
Winner: Paul Pharr (write in)*
Runner Up: Stefan Weingarth

Senate Seat O:
Winner: Jesse Cervin

Senate Seat P:
Winner: Paul Pharr (write in)*
Runner Up: James Brady

Senate Seat Q:
Winner: Paul Pharr (write in)*
Runner Up: Ephy Wheeler

Senate Seat R:
Winner: Robert Kinnard III

Senate Seat S:
Winner: Sophia Grzeskowiak-Amezquita (write-in)

Senate Seat T:
Winner: Tachit Chairat

ASUAF Concert Board:
Winner: Frank Gamboa

UA Student Regent
Winner: Mari Freitag

Poll Question 1: Should a larger portion of the student government fee go to the
ASUAF Concert Board?

YES: 125 Votes
NO: 101 Votes

Poll Question 2: Should the size of the ASUAF senate be reduced to include less

YES: 127 Votes
NO: 94 Votes

Poll Question 3: Should the Residence Life policy be changed to allow off-campus
students to stay in the dorms for more days at a time?

YES: 161 Votes
NO: 65 Votes

*Per the ASUAF Elections Manual (Section 100) a candidate may only “run” for
one position. Also, each ASUAF senate candidate who receives the largest number
of votes will be elected to their seat. However, it is possible that since Paul Pharr
won a write-in candidacy for three separate seats that he will be offered the
ability to choose which seat he desires with the remaining two seats being labeled
as “vacancies” and filled by the President.

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