ASUAF First Meeting

Sam Allen / UAF Sun Star

Student Council Round-Up

Senator Michael Mancil was elected to be this year’s senate chair in a no objections vote, where he was the only candidate.

Senator Cordero Reid was elected to be the Executive Committee Chair, with no oppositions or counter-nominations

Senator Gillispie was elected to be the Public Relations Committee Chair, with no oppositions or counter-nominations

Guests who came and presented information:

Dr. Kayt Sunwood thanked the Senate for their funding of the new furniture in the Women Center’s new location in the Wood Center. Sunwood invited all student government members to visit the new space, and learn about the resources. She then introduced information about the “Speaking of Sex” program, and the desire to bring the program to the UAF campus during the 2014-2015 school year. The program focuses student discussion on issues of consent and rape, and presents a unique opportunity for the campus because of the focus brought by the Title IX audit. The cost would be $3400 plus 4 airline tickets and 3 hotel rooms, for the time that the program is on campus. Possible other funding sources include Athletics and Residence Life, but no funding has been secured yet.

Sam Allen, editor of the UAF Sun Star asked for the council’s support as the Sun Star is securing space in the upstairs part of the Wood Center. He reported that an oral agreement had been reached last school year, but that it appears that there is now interest in the space from other people. Allen will be meeting with administration officials next week, along with members of the Journalism department, to discuss the needs of the Sun Star. He hopes that the verbal agreement will be kept, so that the Sun Star can continue to grow as an organization, and as an affiliate of ASUAF, he asked for their ongoing support.

Brad Bishop, First Year Experience Coordinator for Residence Life, brought an invitation to the ASUAF elected officials, to be involved in a new project he is heading up, the creation of a Residential Housing Association. The first meeting for the group, to start talking about what the group may want to have as its format, and what issues they are interested in tackling, will meet at the Hess Recreation Center on Thursday Sept. 11 at 7:00 pm. Anyone who is a student is invited, and membership will be open to anyone living in housing that is under the control of Residence Life. Bishop is hoping to have a large cross section of the UAF population involved with the group, and asked for the support of the ASUAF Senate in “getting the word out” to people, so they know that they have an opportunity to be involved.

Student Regent Courtney Enright discussed three things that are of immediate interest to ASUAF and the UAF student population in general. She first reported on the proposed contract for current UA President, and the reasons for the proposed bonus structure. She also reported on the proposed tuition increase of 4%, and answered questions regarding how it compared to increases in the past and her thoughts on the increases. Lastly, Enright explained the structure of the proposed UA facilities fees, which include the Alaska legislature’s demand for cost sharing with students in the overhaul of the power plant. While some of the cost will come from those fees, there is the expectation that an increase in efficiency, and a decrease in EPA fines, will pay for the more significant portion of the bonds needed to fund the project. Enright also gave information regarding upcoming Regents meetings, information on the timeline for applying to become a student Regent, and agreed to take some questions back to the emergency meeting of the Regents next week.

Before ending the meeting, newly elected chair Senator Mancil, strongly encouraged the new senators to get busy this week, and to set up their schedules and let their preferences be known, so that the Senate can be up and functioning as a complete body as soon as possible.


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