ASUAF Moves Donald Crocker Statue Contest to the Fall


Photo credit: Molly Putman

Statue Contest Delayed

Senators voted to move their statue contest to fall semester 2017. The contest would seek student proposals for a statue of Pub manager Donald Crocker, and would award $100 to the winning proposal.

Senators say the statue would commemorate Crocker’s service to UAF and its students, and would be installed The Pub. The decision to push the contest back was made due to concerns over the amount of time students would have to create proposals so close to finals.

“It’s just so late in the semester it can’t fully be utilized,” said Cordero Reid, a senator.

The bill was met with skepticism from Melissa Clark, public relations director, due to the current climate of suspicion among students regarding ASUAF’s use of funds.

“Why are we getting this statue?” Clark said. “Students think we’re misappropriating funds. I don’t understand why we’re using student funds to create a statue for one person on campus.”

Other senators however were more optimistic about the bill. With a financial impact of only $100 and given the statue would be a permanent feature in The Pub attributed to ASUAF, Senator Erik Rickards said the statue was a chance for good publicity.

“It seems like a great way to broadcast ourselves,” said Richards.

Lecture Denied

Proposed funding for a visit and lecture by a vertical farming expert was voted down by the senate. The proposal called for $5,300 to fund travel and expenses for Dickson Despommeir, a Colombia University professor and vertical farming advocate.

The proposal was put forth by the Sustainable Campus Action Force, but was not supported due to concerns over student impact and the trip’s relevance to ASUAF in general.

“This is not within our purview.” said President Colby Freel. “[The bill] doesn’t actually provide anything tangible to students … I don’t think students would be interested.”

Travel funding approved for Sun Star

An expenditure of $1,000 from the senate projects fund was allocated to help offset the Sun Star’s cost of travel for its staff’s trip to the Alaska Press Club conference in Anchorage this year.


This meeting was Freel’s last, as he is retiring from his position as president after this semester. A final exam on Sunday, April 30 will prevent him from attending the final ASUAF meeting of the year.

Freel expressed his pride in ASUAF’s ability to handle the twist and turns of student government particularly during difficult financial times.

Freel said, “This meeting is bittersweet for me.”

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