ASUAF Recap 10.26.14

ASUAF meets regularly to discuss the welfare of students on and off campus.

ASUAF meets regularly to discuss the welfare of students on and off campus.

Senators Present:

Lachlan Gillispie, Michael Mancill, Cordero Reid, Amanda Garner, Jonathan Quinones, Kemper Chabotte, Mitchell Davidson, Colby Freel, Kayleen Hansen, Mickey Zakurdaew, Austen Whitney.


Allyssia Garcia

ASUAF Senate Full

With the swearing-in of Allyssia Garcia, ASUAF has filled all of its senate positions for the first time in several years.  Garcia’s confirmation was passed unanimously.

Other Appointments

ASUAF President Mathew Carrick was unanimously appointed to the Elections Board.  Kemper Chabotte was also appointed to the board.

SB 183-001: Where there is Halloween, so there shall be candy.

The council brought a bill concerning Halloween candy to the floor on Sunday.  Sponsored by Cordero Reid, the bill would have allocated $150 from ASUAF’s Advertising and Promotional Items budget for the purpose of purchasing candy to be distributed to students during the week preceding Halloween.  The bill was expedited to second reading, and then discussed by the council.

There was some skepticism as to the amount of money to be allocated, so Colby Freel motioned to amend the bill to read that $75 would be spent.  The motion went through, and the bill was unanimously passed.  ASUAF will use the funds to provide free candy to UAF students who visit the ASUAF office.

Reconsideration of SB 183-001

A bill passed recently by ASUAF concerning Allocation of student club funding was reconsidered on Sunday.  There had been some missing language regarding where the distributed funding would come from, which would have resulted in the money being taken out of ASUAF’s Senate Projects account, rather than the Club Committee Grants and Projects budget.  There was also a slight discrepancy in the funds distributed, as $25 had not been given to the student clubs.  That $25 was distributed evenly among the organizations.

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