ASUAF Recap- September 25,2012

Lakeidra Chavis/ Sun Star Reporter
September 25, 2012

Senators present

Will Collingwood, Bryant Hopkins, Micheal Golub, Ayla O’Scannell, Sarah Walker, Micheal Magnan, Anthony Chamberlain, Rusty Young, McKinley Zalurdaew and Blake Burley

Senators absent

Charles Allison and Virginia Miner

Directors present

Joshua Banks

Officers present

Mari Freitag and Dillon Ball

Media Board

Zakurdaew, Fred Brown and Forrest Anderson were nominated to serve on Media Board. The nominations were sent to the public relations committee.

Pub Board

Collingwood nominated Freitag to serve as the ASUAF Publications Board representative. Freitag accepted the nomination.

It’s all about the money

Zakurdaew sponsored legislation “SB 179-003 Startup Funding for Student Organizations and Clubs.” The bill would allocate $300 from senate projects to the Leadership Involvement and Volunteer Experience. The leadership program, located in the Wood Center, would give new clubs $25 each. LIVE would manage the money with the goal being to find out how clubs are spending their funding. The bill was sent to the student affairs committee.

Even engineers need money

Golub and Zakurdaew sponsored “SB 179-004 Startup Funding for SAE.” The bill would allocate $8,000 to the UAF chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers. The student organization would use the money to cover things such as transportation to competitions. They receive money for competitions but only after they have competed. SAE would use the money at the beginning of the spring semester and refill the account once they have finished their competitions. The legislation was sent to the student affairs committee.

Terrain-sic Park

O’Scannell sponsored legislation “SB 179-002 Nanook Terrain Park.” The legislation would allocate $50,000 towards the new campus terrain park that is expected to open at the beginning of the spring semester. The senate debated over whether to allocate the money before the park was constructed or after. The senate tabled the discussion until the next senate meeting on Sunday, Sept. 30.

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