ASUAF Recap, April 10: Calm before the storm


Matt Mertes / Sun Star

Present: Cordero Reid, Diane Murph, Ivik Henry, Ryan Cain, Allyssia Garcia, Jacob Sears

Absent: Zachary White, Rose Bright

Absent Excused: Joseph Degraft-Emanfu

With ASUAF elections coming up this week, senators are tabling some issues until after the elections have concluded.

President Mathew Carrick informed the senate he would be having his final meetings with the chancellor search committee this week. After the meetings, UA President Jim Johnson will be making his choice for the UAF chancellor position.

Public relations director Hannah Witherington was looking for volunteer senators to help out with their mud volleyball BBQ on Friday April 22, and to help out with the ASUAF booth at Springfest, which will take place April 21-23.

With many of the bills being tabled this week due to a lack of committee meetings and ASUAF members in general, the most talked-about topic was a bill introduced by senator Allyssia Garcia. This piece of legislation would take money from the rollover fund to make name plates for the senate. These name plates would replace the printed paper name plates, in an effort to cut down on the use of paper and ink to reprint such plates each week. The name plates would indicate senate positions in order to denote seating arrangement.

“I think this is a great idea,” Mathew Carrick, President of ASUAF, said. “I think the plastic name plates give it a more professional look and are very durable.”

This idea was well received by the senators, most of whom believe printing out the position name plates is getting too wasteful. The senate bill was passed unanimously and a committee to decide on specifics of the name plates will be formed this week. The meeting was adjourned at 4:39 p.m.

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