ASUAF Recap – April 15, 2012

Lakeidra Chavis/ Sun Star Reporter
April 17, 2012

Senators present

Holt, Hopkins, Netardus, O’Scannell, Golub, Chambers, Young, Zakurdaew, Burns-Shafer, Cervin, Brown, Kinnard and Burley

Senators absent

O’Connor, Chamberlain and Schurz


Freitag and Ball




Kaneyo Hirata, a senior psychology student, asked ASUAF for monetary support. Hirata is creating the first student-initiated Asian-American Pacific Islander Week at UAF. The project is a community service project required by her cultural psychology class.

Consideration of appointments

Dillon Ball was appointed to the Master Planning Committee. The appointment was sent to the University Relations committee for consideration.

Senator of the year

Each year, a senator is given an award as senator of the year. Chelsea Holt, Blake Burley, Jesse Cervin and Will Collingwood were nominated for the award. Collingwood is a former senator who voluntarily resigned due to his excessive absences. Robert Kinnard III was also nominated but did not accept the nomination. The nominations were tabled until the next senate meeting.

Even senators need an advice

“SB 178-016 Help is On the Way” would place a question on the Spring 2012 election ballot that asks students whether ASUAF should have an advisor. The bill was sponsored by Robert Kinnard. The original question was a referendum for the ballot. The referendum received over 360 signatures. Due to clerical errors, the elections committee did not allow the question to be on the elections ballot. Kinnard was given an extension. The question could have ended up on the ballot if approved by the senate, Freitag and the elections committee before the end of the day on April 15.

During a late-night meeting held on April 12, the senate did not expedite the legislation and it was sent to the executive committee.

During the meeting the legislation was discharged from committee. There were approximately eight amendments to the bill but all failed to pass. The legislation failed due to a 6-4 vote, as it did not have two-thirds. Michael Golub, Jennifer Chambers, Khrisstian Burns-Shafer and Cervin voted against the legislation. Because the legislation was voted down, the question will not appear on the ballot.

Celebrating Culture

“SB 178-017 Asian American Pacific Islander Week” is a three-day event that will celebrate Asian-American and Pacific Islander culture later this month. Jennifer Chambers sponsored the legislation. The legislation asked ASUAF to allocate $300 toward the event. The bill was sent to the student affairs committee.

Changes to the Elections Manual

A number of changes were made to the ASUAF Elections Manual. The elections board will prepare an attendance and voting record for each senator running for office. The record will be based on information from the last 12 months the senator has served. This was changed from the original wording, which was for incumbents. The senator with the largest amount of votes for a seat wins the seat. If the winner declines the seat than the runner-up will step up and if no one receives at least four votes, the seat will be vacant. Three of the proposed amendments were tabled until the next senate meeting.

Editor’s note: ASUAF held a special meeting on April 12. At that meeting, the senate delved into more in-depth discussion of some of the above topics.

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