ASUAF Recap: April 14, 2013

Ashleigh Strange/ Sun Star Reporter
April 16, 2013

Senators present

Daniel Strigle, Michael Mancill, Michael Golub, Michael Magnan, McKinley Zakurdaew, Beth Steele, Ashley Strauch and John Seiler

Senators absent

Sarah Walker and Mickey Wilson

Directors present

Bryant Hopkins

Officers present

Mari Freitag

Guests Present

KSUA employee Annie Bartholomew, CMENC students and former ASUAF senator Jennifer Chambers

Music students thank the senate

Students from the College Music Educators National Conference attended the senate meeting to tell ASUAF how they used the funds  they received to attend the American String Teacher’s Association National Conference in Providence, R.I. “I learned ideas that I can apply not only to my classes here, but also in my student teaching,” said a CMENC student.

Ghosts of senators past

Former senator Jennifer Chambers gave her opinions on the ASUAF budget approval. Chambers suggested that the senate change some of the bylaws of the student applications for Alternative Spring Break and the Nanook Traditions Winter Carnival funding to include other programs. “Those are great programs,” Chambers said, “But ASUAF should be doing more to help graduate and non trad students.”

Chances to volunteer

O’Scannell spoke with UAF Employer Relations Coordinator Alice Palen, about Green Dot Alaska. The program is a non profit that works to combat sexual abuse in Alaska and helps people who would be bystanders in those situations to defuse the situation without getting confrontational.

UAF giveth…

Freitag is working with the Board of Trustees to create a scholarship from their trust fund. The scholarship would be offered to an undergraduate one semester and a graduate student the following semester. There is approximately $2,000 in the trust to dispense.

…and UAF taketh away

The UA Board of Regents met in Sitka last week. One of the topics for discussion was tuition for School of Management. Tuition will be increased by 10 percent in fiscal year 2014 and 15 percent in fiscal year 2015. Freitag opposed the proposal going through. Freitag said the proposal sets a bad precedent for the rest of the UA system. “I just want the students to be aware of what’s happening and I hope we can get some students to testify against it in June,” Freitag said.

New student staff

The new General Manager for KSUA is Brady Gross and next year’s Sun Star editor-in-chief is Lakeidra Chavis. They will begin their positions in May.

“SB180-009 Concert Board Document Revision”

O’Scannell sponsored the legislation, which disallows ASUAF from reversing all of Concert Board’s monetary decisions. The Concert Board must provide a year-end report in April or May. The legislation also removes both elected positions and replaces one of the removed positions with a hired student employee.

KSUA employee and Concert Board member, Annie Bartholomew  said the Board wants people who are active in seeking the role and not just getting write-in votes at the last minute.

The legislation passed by a 7-1 vote. Golub opposed the legislation.

“SB180-010 State of ASUAF Revisions”

Zakurdaew, Mancill, Steele and Magnan sponsored the revision of the legislation. With the revision, the legislation will allow the year-end recap to accurately reflect the entire year. The annual report will now be presented to the senate for approval after elections and before the last meeting of academic year.

“SB180-011 Much Needed upgrades

Magnan sponsored this bill that allocated $4,500 to purchase new computers for students to use in the ASUAF office. The legislation was moved to Student Affairs Committee.

“SB180-012 In which there is Springfest

Zakurdaew sponsored the legislation, which would provide prizes to hand out during the Springfest Tradition. The proposed charges were $400 to hand out bubbles, $175 for white t-shirts for the Color Me Bad Fun Run, $300 for Alaska Airline miles and a Razor Scooter as prizes for the Kick-off BBQ and $200 for watermelons to throw from the top of Gruening for a total of $1,075. The senate passed the legislation unanimously.

“SB180-006 ASUAF Budget discussion

Senate legislation to approve the budget of $15,000 for each semester passed unanimously.

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  1. isaac says:

    “SB180-012 In which there is Springfest” is the worst idea of legislation i have ever read. I thought UAF was supposed to be a sustainable campus, not a campus where we literally throw money off the top of our buildings. How is this AT ALL sustainable?
    Also, what are bubbles and why do they cost $400 dollars and why are we handing them out?
    Maybe if we stopped throwing money off the top of our buildings we wouldn’t have to keep raising student fees. I feel gyped.

  2. isaac says:

    Also why are my comments hidden?

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