ASUAF Recap, April 2: Food quality, policy change in senate’s sights


Quality of food at UAF

The Food for Thought Committee was organized at this meeting and is intended to meet with Dining Services, Residence Life and Chartwells. The committee is focused on increasing the quality of food and food logistics on campus.

Madore stated that the UAF’s contract with Chartwells is expiring this year, so if they cannot increase the quality of food it would be Madore’s prerogative to urge UAF to work with a different contractor.

Chris Martinez, Gabriel Madore and Brian Holst were appointed and confirmed to the committee.

ASUAF Budget

The senators did their first reading of ASUAF’s 2017-2018 academic year budget. Acting Senate Chair Molly O’Scannell moved the bill to the executive committee.

Student Government Budget Policy Change

A resolution endorsing a change to the approval process for ASUAF budgets was passed by the senate. The resolution requests a policy change from the Board of Regents, which currently approves student government budgets from all UA campuses. The resolution suggests that the campus chancellors should approve the budgets of their respective student governments.


Present: Molly O’Scannell, Sierra Von Haften, Chris Martinez, Jae Ham, Raymundo Lopez, Eric Rickards and Brian Holst

Not Present: Cordero Reid, Georgia Durden, Dawson Mann

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