ASUAF Recap – April 22, 2012

Lakeidra Chavis/Sun Star Reporter
April 24, 2012

Senators present

Holt, Hopkins, Netardus, O’Scannell, Chambers, Chamberlain, Young, Cervin, Brown, Kinnard, Zakurdaew, Schurz and Burley

Senators absent

Golub, O’Connor and Burns-Shafer

Senator of the Year

The senate voted to name Chelsea Holt as senator of the year. Will Collingwood, Blake Burley and Jesse Cervin were also nominated.

Asian American Pacific Islander Week

“SB 178-017 Asian American Pacific Islander Week” would allocate $300 toward Asian American Pacific Islander Week. Jennifer Chambers sponsored the bill. The celebration will be from April 26 to April 28. The celebration will begin with a dance-off on Thursday. On Friday there will be karaoke, poetry reading and a performance by traditional dancers. The celebration will end on Saturday with a potluck, dancing and films. The senate passed the legislation by a vote of 11-0-1. Fred Brown abstained from voting.

Student Travel Funding

“SB 178-018 Student Travel Application Spring 2012” would allocate $11,000 from Student Travel Funding to the nine applicants who applied for the funding. Holt sponsored the legislation. The bill was expedited and the senate passed the legislation by a vote of 11-0-1. McKinley Zakurdaew abstained.

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