ASUAF Recap, April 24: Trust gets ASUAF makeover


Matt Mertes / Sun Star

Present: Jacob Sears, Ivik Henry, Joseph Degraft-Emanfu, Diane Murph, Ryan Cain, Hanna Carlile, Cordero Reid, Alyssia Garcia

Absent: N/A

Absent Excused: N/A

President Mathew Carrick has drafted a new trust agreement for ASUAF. The Associated Students of the Alaska Fairbanks Trust Fund is a special type of legal entity that holds property for the benefit of a person, group or, in this case, an organization. The agreement has not been changed since the 1960s, and as such the it was in dire need of change according to Carrick.

“It has a clause saying that the board shall not be beholden to the laws of the State of Alaska, which is obviously not true,” Carrick said.

ASUAF has spent a number of years trying to organize and pass a new trust agreement. The new agreement was amended to help ASUAF have better access to the trust, the idea being to make it easier for them to use funds to help support the student body, according to Carrick.

It would also allow for the trust to meet, which was not in the old agreement.  Additionally it would allow for the agreement to be amended if need be. The new agreement was unanimously approved by ASUAF. The final step is for the Board of Trustees to ratify the new agreement.

ASUAF Discussed the budget for the 2017 fiscal year. The bill needed to be expedited so the budget could meet their deadline for ratification. The proposed budget was compiled by Carrick, and would be $566,342. Among the positions proposed, in ASUAF’s section of the budget, the Public Relations Assistant was questioned.

Joseph Degraft-Emanfu raised concerns that the proposed position would serve to diminish the responsibility of the public relations committee. His interpretation of the public relations committee’s job was assisting the Public Relations (PR) director.

“It is the soul responsibility of the public relations chair to go to them and ask them what assistance they need,” Degraft-Emanfu said.

Vice President Colby Freel was able to put his fears to rest. According to Freel the position is too large for just one person to handle on their own and that senators are volunteers and should not be relied upon to spend the necessary hours needed to properly assist the PR director.

“Marketing campaigns, holding outreach events, organizing elections, filling out all the associated forms and providing transparent information, that’s a lot of work, too much for just one person,” Freel said. “ Additionally it would provide another student job.”

After a long discussion the senators agreed and passed the budget unanimously.

President Jim Johnsen will not make any major decisions for the university in terms of student tuition over the summer. His decision was viewed favorably by Carrick as ASUAF will not be active at that time. Johnsen will also likely not make a decision on the next chancellor until after the semester is over, according to Carrick.


Hanna Carlile was sworn in as Senator today. Senator Carlile has wanted to join ASUAF since she first came to UAF. While in high school Hanna participated in her school’s student government, and she wishes to stay a senator for the remainder of her school career. She hopes to serve the students to the best of her ability and work to help improve student relations.

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