ASUAF Recap: April 28, 2013

Ashleigh Strange/Sun Star Reporter
April 30, 2013

Senators present

Mickey Wilson, Michael Mancill, Simon Ortega, Ayla O’Scannell, Sarah Walker, McKinley Zakurdaew, Daniel Strigle, Beth Steele and John Seiler

Senators absent

Michael Golub and Ashley Strauch

Officers present

Mari Freitag and Dillon Ball

Marriage counseling for sustainable groups

The R.I.S.E Board and the Sustainability Office have been working with Freitag to create a selection committee to help them work together. Freitag says there had been poor communication between the departments in the past and this committee should repair some of those issues. The ASUAF President, Director of Sustainability Michele Hebert and an ASUAF senator, ASUAF Office Manager Anne Williamson and student sustainability worker will make up the committee.

Glowsticks at the concert

O’Scannel reported that members of the senate handed out all of the glow sticks that they purchased at the Theophilus London concert. She added that next Sunday The Sun Star will move into the senate chambers. They will be out of their current space chambers by of May 5.

Voter fraud update

Freitag says the elections board has a good idea of who is behind the ASUAF voter fraud. They won’t reveal a name until they have enough evidence. Two of the computers used to vote were off campus and OIT is currently contacting ACS to get those IP Addresses. The computer that was used on campus appears to have voted from 9 different locations. Figuring disciplines of student id numbers. When connecting the student ID numbers from the fraudulent ballots, it was found that most of the students had a connection to one club. Freitag said the Dean of Students wants to make an example of the students responsible for the fraud. “If we can prove it,” Freitag said, “this person will not be involved with UA at all in the future.” As a result of the fraud, the election results will not be made official until the next senate meeting.

Senator of the year

Zakurdaew, Seiler and Macill were nominated for the “Senator of the Year” award. Further nominations were tabled until next week’s meeting.

“SB180-012 Pretty Pictures Update”

Golub sponsored legislation to purchase 4 Canon DSLR cameras for students to rent from the UAF Library Media Desk for $4,000. It was sent to the student affairs committee for review.

“SB 180-013 Feeding Malnourished Students Before Finals”

Seiler sponsored legislation to allocate $3,000 for the purpose of hosting a late night breakfast and study help event. It was sent to the student affairs committee for review.

“SB180-014 Combining Vice President and Senate Chair Positions”

Magnan sponsored legislation that would remove the position of the Senate Chair and replace it with the Vice President. The change would provide an extra link of communication between ASUAF Executive and Legislative branches and help the senate make quorum. The legislation was sent to the internal affairs committee for review.

“SB180-015 In Which There is Commencement”

Zakurdaew sponsored legislation that would allocate $300 to purchase fake mustaches that would be given to graduates to wear during Graduation in honor of Chancellor Rogers’ famous mustache. It was sent to the public relations committee for review.

“SB180-006 In which there is Hot Chocolate”

Zakurdaew sponsored the legislation, which would provide students with marshmallow hot chocolate in the ASUAF office. The legislation was sent to the public relations committee for review.

SR180-003, 004 and 005 Emeritus

The legislation was created to nominate former senators Robert Kinnard and Chelsea Holt as Senators Emeritus and Frietag as President Emeritus. Emeritus is Latin for someone who has served their time with honor and has moved on. The legislation was sent to the internal affairs committee for review.

So long, farewell, auf weidersein

Freitag gave a passionate speech to the senators in the event that this was her last senate meeting after 5 years of service. “Just remember that ASUAF can always improve, it can always be better and you can always be better in your positions. Don’t ever settle for something that’s not the best. The students are your constituency and you owe them the best.”

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