ASUAF Recap – April 29, 2012

Lakeidra Chavis/Sun Star Reporter
May 1, 2012

Senators present

Holt, Netardus, O’Scannell, Golub, O’Connor, Chambers, Chamberlain, Young, Zackurdaew, Burns-Shafer, Brown, Kinnard, Schurz and Burley

Senators absent

Hopkins and Cervin

Officers present

Freitag and Ball


Alumni Director Joe Hayes sat in on the second half of the meeting. He gave the senate advice on how to operate during summer considering the lack of available senators for ASUAF summer committee.

Attendance still matters

“SB 178-015 Revised Attendance Policy” would revise the current ASUAF senate attendance policy. Senators could only have four unexcused, eight excused or two unexcused and four excused absences. The senate chair will then notify the removed senator within 48 hours of the senator being removed by the senate. Senators away due to UAF, ASUAF or military business will be granted excused absences. Robert Kinnard III sponsored the bill. The legislation was discharged from internal affairs committee and sent to second reading. Senators can vote on legislation during second reading. The senate sent the legislation to executive committee by a vote of 6-3-0. Blake Burley, Andy Chamberlain and Micheal Golub voted against the legislation being sent to executive committee.

Election Manual Changes

The senate approved the three changes to the election manual that had been tabled during the last two senate meetings. The senate approved changes to initiatives and referendums and to two sections of the elections manual. Section 204.5 now states that if a person wins multiple senate seats the winner will get the seat they received the most votes for. The runner-up will take the other seat. Section 605 was removed. This section required that pollworkers provide a list of voters and the voters’ student identification numbers.

Election Results

The senate needs to approve election results. Due to complaints about the ballot, the senate will vote on election results during the next ASUAF meeting. The elections board discussed whether Charles Allison’s write in campaign was valid. They did not know if the flyers placed around campus for his election to the senate were put up by him or someone else. Nothing in the elections manual addresses third party campaigns.

Concert Board

“SB 178-018 Doing the Right Thing” would allocate up to $30,000 to Concert Board. Jennifer Chambers sponsored the bill. Due to a clerical error, ASUAF will allocate the money to the Concert Board that they owe them. The senate sent the legislation to executive committee.

Good Will

“SB 178-019 Good Will with the Sun Star” would allow the ASUAF office manager Anne Williamson, to transfer up to $2,459.59 to the Sun Star. The change will become effective May 20. The senate sent the legislation to executive committee. Chambers sponsored the bill.

Money and the news

“SB 178-020 Sun Star Ad-buy budget line” would transfer the remaining funds in the Ad-buy budget line to the Sun Star. Chambers sponsored the bill. The senate would allocate $2,650. The money would help the Sun Star cover summer finance costs between May 15 to June 30. The senate sent the legislation to executive committee.

The return of the ASUAF budget

“SB 178-021 The Budget is Back!!!” would make corrections to the budget that was approved by the senate on April 12. Chambers sponsored the bill. The senate chair contingency fund did not include any money in the previously approved budget. The revised budget placed money into the fund. The estimation for taxable student income increased to acknowledge that student payrolls are taxable during the summer months. The amount reserved for the office manager increased to acknowledge possible increases to cost of living and other unforeseen changes.

The senate previously took $2,500 from the ASUAF summer committee into the recently reduced budget for club council. Mari Freitag, Dillon ball and the senate discussed whether the decision was ethical and how the budget reduction for summer committee would affect summer students. Kinnard moved to remove $2,500 from the student travel fund and place it into summer committee. The senate passed the motion. The senate adopted the revised budget by a vote of 12-0-0.

Engineers need money too

“SB 178-022” would give the Society of Automotive Engineers $8,000 annually to fund SAE projects for competitions. Michael Golub sponsored the bill. The office manager will decide which budget lines to take the funds from. The senate sent the legislation to executive committee. Golub is a member of SAE. In 2010, he served as chapter president of the UAF chapter of SAE. He was also the advisor and co-captain for the team that built the electric snow machine

Summer Committee

“SB 178-023 Summer Committee Bylaw Change” would change the current bylaws so that either the ASUAF vice president or a senator can serve as chair of ASUAF summer committee with approval from the senate. Kinnard sponsored the bill. If the vice president is chair of the summer committee he or she will serve as a non-voting member of the committee. The senate passed the legislation by a vote of 10-0-0. Senators were nominated to serve on summer committee. Senators must accept or decline their nomination. Since one of the nominated senators was not there, nominations were tabled until the next meeting.

It’s not over yet

This is last ASUAF brief that the Sun Star will report on for Spring semester 2012 in print. However, the last ASUAF senate meeting is Sunday, May 6. The Sun Star’s coverage of this meeting will run online. The meeting will begin at 4 p.m. and is open to the public.

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