ASUAF Recap – April 6, 2014

Kaz Alvarez / Sun Star Reporter

Senators present
Matthew Carrick, Kemper Chabotte, Jordyn Houlton, Cordero Reid, Shane Poindexter, Kemper Shabotte, Ashley Strauch, Daniel Strigle, Sarah Walker, Lida Zakurdaew and Mickey Zakurdaew

Senators absent
Eli Barry-Garland and Brix Hahn

Officers Present
Michael Mancill and Ayla O’Scannell

Director’s present
Saraya Coburn and Michael Magnan

Celie Hull and Megan LaSelle

Other communications to the senate
Nominations for Coalition of Student Leaders are needed. Senators need to make a confirmation of that appointment by May 1 because that is the start of the new member position’s term. Nominations will be made during the next meeting.

Committee reports
The Executive Committee discharged two presidential appointments to the Parking Advisory Committee with recommendations to adopt. The Internal Affairs Committee and Public Relations Committee did not meet. The Student Affairs Committee assembled a list of poll questions for the upcoming elections to be reviewed.

Reid moved to discharge the presidential appointment of LaSelle to ASUAF senate from Internal Affairs committee. Mickey Zakurdaew seconded him. The motion passed unanimously and the appointment was moved to confirmation of appointments.

Reid moved to suspend rules and procedures to move to Confirmation of Appointments and was seconded by Chabotte. Lida Zakurdaew and Strauch argued against the motion. Mickey Zakurdaew threw in his support. The motion required a two-thirds vote but failed 5-4-0. Strauch, Carrick, Walker and Lida Zakurdaew were in opposition. One more vote was needed to pass.

Staff of the Year
The floor was opened for nominations for Staff of the year. Walker nominated Lexi Bystedt and Strauch nominated Josh Hovis. Discussion was closed and Josh Hovis won the award by a 5-4 vote.

First reading
Walker read “SB 182-012 Funding for Oratory Competition Banquet.” The bill well help Natives for Positive Change host an oratory competition by assisting with the purchase of beverages. The bill allocates $92.99 to the club. The bill was moved to the Student Affairs Committee.

Confirmation of Appointments
Megan LaSelle received a presidential appointment from O’Scannell. Discussion was opened on her appointment. Carrick asked LaSelle what her motivations were to be on the senate.

“I want to know what the senate is and what it is capable of doing,” LaSelle said.

Lida Zakurdaew asked what her time commitments would be for the next year. LaSelle’e position would only last the remainder of this semester and she wouldn’t be able to participate next school year. Strauch supported of the appointment. LaSelle was confirmed by a 8-0-1 vote. Chabotte abstained.

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