ASUAF Recap: April 7, 2013

Ashleigh Strange/Sun Star Reporter
April 7
, 2013

Senators present

Michael Magnun, Ayla O’Scannell, Michael Mancill, Daniel Strigle, McKinley Zakurdaew, Ashley Strauch and Sarah Walker

Senators absent

Beth Steele, Michael Golub, Mickey Wilson, John Seiler and Simon Ortega

Officers present

Dillon Ball and Mari Freitag

Directors present

Fred Brown

Have money? Feed students.

Freitag wants to fund and staff a late night free breakfast program near finals week with Nanook Traditions or as a fundraiser for Alternative Spring Break. Alternative Spring Break still has to raise a little over $1,000 for their trip to Mexico and the program can help raise the necessary funds. Freitag encouraged the senators to come up with other projects that could help students before the end of the year “As of January we still have 10 grand in senate projects and I want you to spend it,”  Freitag said. “There are a lot of things that you could do with that money.” O’Scannell suggested giving away root beer floats at a Springfest event.

Stuff Most People Get

Seiler sponsored legislation “SB 180-007 Spring Fest SWAG – Stuff We All Get.” The legislation fund money to purchase glowsticks for the Springfest concert and hot chocolate for Springfest mud volleyball. The total cost is $500. The senate passed the legislation  passed by a unanimous vote, after some discussion about removing the second clause that stated, “Wheras, [Springfest] is super fun and could be mo’ fun.” Brown and Freitag felt that the clause should be removed because it seemed unprofessional but senators wanted to leave it in to add some variety. It was eventually stricken from the legislation.

Committee Action

The Executive Committee met and discussed the budget and student travel applications. They will bring all submissions to next week’s meeting. The Public Relations Committee also met. The Internal Affairs and Student Affairs Committees did not meet.

A new table for MacLean

O’Scannell sponsored “SB180-008 MacLean Pool Table.” The legislation would refelt the MacLean House pool table and add a table cover so that it could double as a food service table for potlucks. The bill was sent to the Student Affairs Committee.

Woo-Woo Budget

During a discussion of the budget, Magnan announced that the money for the bus to the Governor’s Cup game in Anchorage will need to be re-evaluated because the tournament organization will change next year. Further discussion was tabled for next week’s meeting when more senators could participate in the discussion.

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