ASUAF Recap, April 9: Senators support scholarship, want to build statue


The Alaska Performance Scholarship

The Alaska State Legislature is proposing to phase out the scholarship by the year 2021. The senate discussed a resolution which would inform the state legislature of ASUAF’s support of the scholarship.

“At the feedback meeting, students asked for us to do something about the APS,” Senator Sam Mitchell said.

The resolution was passed unanimously.

Bill to honor Donald Crocker

The senate did their first reading of this bill to commission a statue of Donald Crocker, the manager of The Pub, because of his work with making The Pub “a safe and comfortable place to enjoy drinks with friends, study, listen to live music, and bond through a variety of events.” The senate would hold a contest of statue proposals and the creator of the winning proposal would receive $100. The statue would not exceed two feet by three feet and can be made of any material.

Bill to support indigenous People’s Day

The senate did their first reading of this resolution which asks the UAF administration to ceremonially recognize Indigenous People’s Day annually on the second Monday of October.

The Food for Thought Committee

Melissa Clark was appointed and confirmed as member of the Food for Thought Committee, which was formed to discuss increasing food quality at the university. Brian Holst was appointed and confirmed to be the Committee’s chair.

The Food for Thought Committee met with Dining Services and Paige LaPoint, a resident director with Residence Life.

Bill to create ASUAF emergency fund

The senate discussed a bill which would create an emergency fund for ASUAF. The fund would not exceed $20,000 and would require two-thirds of the senate to access.

“The idea behind this is—one, our savings account is depleted… by the end of this year,” Freel said. “You need a certain amount of money in the bank, just in case something happens.”

The bill was passed with noted opposition.

Bill about council and contingencies

The Career and Technical College Council, ASUAF’s CTC division, has not been fulfilled due to lack of interest, according to Colby Freel. The student government’s committees have a non-zero minimum amount of money to spend in their contingency funds. This bill would establish that all of the contingency funds, as well as the CTC Council’s budget be set at $0, although they will still be listed in the budget in case any future ASUAF senators want to fund them again.

The senators voted to postpone the bill until next week so that they could contact the CTC Director to let them know that ASUAF is defunding the non-existent CTC council.

Sun Star Travel funding

Spencer Tordoff, editor-in-chief of the Sun Star, attended the meeting to request funding for the newspaper’s staff to attend the Alaska Press Club conference in Anchorage.


Present: Dawson Mann, Jae Ham (late), Cordero Reid (left early), Georgia Durden, Molly O’Scannell, Chris Martinez, Brian Holst

Not present: Sierra von Haften, Raymundo Lopez and Erik Rickards

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