ASUAF Recap-December 2, 2012

Claire-Elise Baalke/Sun Star Reporter
December 4, 2012

Senators Present

Matthew Dakus, Olivia Bowen, McKinley Zakurdaew, Beth Steele, Blake Burley, Michael Golub, Will Collingwood, Alya O’Scannell, Michael Magnan, Virginia Miner and Sarah Walker

Senators Absent

Bryant Hopkins, Rusty Young and Andy Chamberlain

Officers Present

Mari Freitag and Dillon Ball

Guests Present

Ayshe Yeager came to support an idea to make places for off-campus students to take naps during the school days.

New Director

Bryant Hopkins is resigning from the senate and will be the new government relations director for ASUAF.

Rise Board on hold

The Rise Board elections were tabled until Jan. 20, 2013.

Voting Problem?

An appeal was sent to the Elections Board because someone had difficulty voting online. The appealer logged on and once he was on the first page, he was redirected back to the log-in page and the same happened again on his second try. He allegedly went to the ASUAF office and had his online ballot reset and sent it in, but he did not receive a confirmation email and none of his write-in candidates showed up on the unofficial elections results.

The Elections Board voted that the complaint was valid but would not have an effect on the election. The appeal was sent to the elections review committee. Ball said that for the complaint to be valid there needs to be documented evidence of the problem, according to section 303.2 of the elections board manual, and there was none. It was also argued by Zakurdaew and O’Scannell that there are other options of voting and by Steele that more research is needed to really discuss the problem.

Ball said that this was possibly a singular issue and no one else has sent in any similar complaints and it is unknown if any other students had this same situation. The ERC voted 4-2, agreeing that the complaint was valid. ERC also voted 4-2 to not table the discussion until next week to not cause a special election early next semester or during finals week. There was a 3-3 vote for this appeal having an effect on the election, but according to the rules of procedure 1.2 section A1, a tie results in the rejection of a motion so the complaint was ruled to not effect the election.

Official elections

O’Scannell read the election results at the meeting, making them official.  The results are as follows:

For the senate

Mickey Zakurdaew: 176 votes
Ashley Strauch: 145 votes
Mickey Wilson: 145 votes
Matthew Dakus: 131 votes
John Seiler: 126 votes
Beth Steele: 122 votes
Lana Lawrence (Write-in): 54 votes

For Concert Board

Olivia Bowen: 129 votes

For Student Regent

Courtney Enright: 197 votes

For Student Commissioner on Post-Secondary Education

Matthew Dakus: 6 votes

For the ballot initiative raising ASUAF fee by $7 and modifying allocation percentages

Yes: 183
No: 132

New legislation postponed 

O’Scannell sponsored legislation “SB 179-012 Committee Reorganization,” which would delete many bylaws, adding new bylaws and rewriting others to redesign the committees in an effort to represent the changes in the number of senate seats. The bill was sent to the internal affairs committee. Collingwood made a motion to table any legislation until next week and Zakurdaew seconded. The senate tabled the legislation for one week by a vote of 5-4.


Burley motioned to cancel the ASUAF meeting next week. Golub seconded the motion. The motion was denied by the senate with a vote of 7-2.

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