ASUAF Recap – Feb. 12, 2011

Lakeidra Chavis/ Sun Star Reporter
Feb. 14, 2012

Senators in attendance

Chelsea Holt, John Netardus, Timothy Grediagin, Jennifer Chambers, Khrisstian Burns-Schafer, Rusty Young, Jesse Cervin, Fred Brown, Robert Kinnard III, Nathanael O’Connor, Blake Burley and Will Collingwood.

Senators absent

Sophia Grzeskowiak-Amezquita, Michael Golub, Andy Chamberlain, McKinley Zakurdaew and Jonathon Schurz.

Officers in attendance

Mari Freitag and Josh Banks

Guests in attendance

Kelley Ryan, Haley Hanson, Cara Hollingsworth and Sarah Walker supported the bill for Alternative Spring Break 2012. Brett Fleming attended the meeting because he was curious about student government.

New senator named

The appointment of Nathanael O’Connor to the Senate was expedited by a vote of 7-1-0. Burley opposed the decision. The senate confirmed his appointment by a vote of 11-0-0.

Consideration of appointments

Senator Burns-Schafer was appointed to the Master Planning Committee. Senators Enright and Chambers were appointed to the Student Awards Committee. Senators Burns-Schafer and Young were appointed to the Elections Boards. The appointments were sent to the University Relations Committee.

Alternative Spring Break 2012

“SB 178-002: Alternative Spring Break 2012” would use a contribution grant of $1,750 for students participating in the 2012 Alternative Break trip. This year the team will travel to Destin, Fla. to volunteer as a part of the shoreline restoration project. The group will help rebuild fish habitats and serve people who were impacted by the 2010 BP oil spill. An amendment was proposed to change the fiscal policy from $1,750 to $1,200. The amendment was passed with a 8-1-0 vote. Senator Cervin opposed the bill. The senate passed the bill with a vote of 8-4-0. Timothy Grediagin, Jennifer Chambers, Khrisstian Burns-Shafer and Fred Brown opposed the bill.

Governor’s Cup 2012

“SB 178-003: Governor’s Cup 2012 Funding” would provide monetary support for the Governor’s Cup 2012 trip to Anchorage. The Senate passed the bill with a vote of 10-0-0.

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