ASUAF Recap, Feb 12: Senators discuss upcoming fee changes and marijuana


Fee changes get first reading

Two ballot measures intended to restructure student fees levied by the government had their first reading this session.

One measure would create a new SRC fee at $30 per semester, replacing the present $75 fee, and specifies that ASUAF does not endorse the creation of any other fees regarding the SRC. The second measure would increase the ASUAF student fee by about 50 percent, from $43 to $67 for main campus students, and adjust the allocation of student fee funds to increase allocation to the Sun Star.

Sun Star Editor-in-Chief Spencer Tordoff attended part of the meeting to advocate for the two referendums. He noted that between the two SRC and student government fee changes, students would pay about $10 to $15 less per semester. He emphasized that the Sun Star’s larger increase would be spent on expanding coverage through several student hires.

Both measures were sent to the Student Affairs Committee after reading.

Election manual changes

The senate changed the elections manual to allow ASUAF candidates to campaign during the voting period as a way to try increase student involvement, but disallowed candidates campaigning within 50 feet of a physical polling station.

Marijuana on campus

A student attending the meeting asked if the senators had any policies regarding marijuana use. Mitchell said their “hands were tied” because UAF is a federally funded university and marijuana is still illegal at the federal level. The student said that there were examples of judges who overruled the federal law for religious use of marijuana.

Senate Chair Ben Anderson-Agimuk told the student that he could run for a senate position to explore their ideas and Diane Murph, the senate clerk, said that he could also write a bill and get a current senator to sponsor it.


Present: Ben Anderson-Agimuk, Dawson Mann, Raymundo Lopez, Molly O’Scannell, Ivik Henry, Jae Ham, Sam Mitchell, Sierra Van Hafften, Brian Holst, and Chris Martinez.

Not Present: Cordero Reid (excused), Georgia Durden (excused), and Erik Rickards.

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