ASUAF Recap – Feb. 19, 2012

Lakeidra Chavis/ Sun Star Reporter
Feb. 21, 2012

Senators in attendance

Chelsea Holt, John Netardus, Timothy Grediagin, Jennifer Chambers, Andy Chamberlain, Rusty Young, Jonathon Schurz, Blake Burley, Nathanael O’Connor, Jesse Cervin, Michael Golub, Krisstian Burns-Shafer, McKinley Zakurdaew and Fred Brown

Senators absent

Sophia Grzeskowiak-Amezquita, Will Collingwood and Robert Kinnard III

Officers in attendance

Mari Freitag and Josh Banks

Guests in attendance

Corey Boik0, the director of the ASUAF website, asked for feedback from ASUAF members on how to improve the current website and create a comment section for student input.

Consideration of appointments

Kinnard was appointed to the student-faculty award committee. The senate moved the appointment to the university relations committee for consideration.

New committee chairs

Grzeskowiak-Amezquita voluntarily stepped down as chair of the executive committee. Holt is now the new chair of the executive committee. O’Connor is now the chair of the student affairs committee, taking Holt’s former chair position.

Governor’s Cup revisited

Mari Freitag vetoed “SB 178-003 Governor’s Cup 2012 Funding” to change the fiscal impact from $1,000 to $850. The bill would provide monetary support for the students going down to Anchorage for the 2012 Governor’s Cup via an annual bus ride organized by the Student Activities Office (SAO). A vote was called to overturn the veto. The veto was supported by a vote of 0-2-11. Chamberlain and Netardus abstained from the vote.

Student opinion matters

The senate plans to hold an event that would allow student opinions on the service and quality of the Health Center and Student Insurance. “SB 178-004 Obtaining Students’ Opinions on the Health Center and Student Insurance” would allocate $200 for refreshments at the event. Students enrolled in more than nine credits pay both fees each semester. The bill was sent to the internal affairs committee.

ASUAF bylaws has a limit

“SB 178-005 The CTC Student Governance Council Membership” would create a new section in the ASUAF bylaws that allows a certain number of members on the Community Technical College Student Governance Council and permits ASUAF to fill vacant positions.

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