ASUAF Recap, Feb. 19: Senators endeavor to engage students


Photo credit: Molly Putman

Senators passed a resolution to better inform students about feedback opportunities regarding the second phase of UA’s Strategic Pathways initiative, UA President Jim Johnsen’s plan to restructure the university system.

An initiative meeting held earlier this year was intended to be open to students, however due to miscommunication between departments, the student body was never informed of the meeting. The resolution was passed in response to this mishap.

The resolution had a rocky start. Moments after it was introduced, Senator Cordero Reid pointed out the initial draft presented during the meeting did not have a statement of purpose, which invalidated it according to ASUAF bylaws. A five minute recess was called to allow for the amendment of the resolution. An updated version with a mission statement was presented and passed after a few minor clerical amendments.

Another suggestion to improve student feedback opportunities was presented by Brian Holst, who suggested allowing ASUAF senators to work office hours at information tables around campus instead of in the ASUAF office. His hope is that this would make feedback more convenient to provide and increase visibility and awareness of the ASUAF among the student body. Senate Chair Anderson-Agimuk suggested that Holst collaborate with the committee on Public Relations on this proposition.

The initiative, started by Johnsen to address budget shortfalls, includes controversial cuts to programs considered to have low enrollment or too expensive to maintain.


Senator Molly O’Scannell to chair the Internal Affairs Committee, replacing Senator Ivik Henry.

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