ASUAF Recap, Feb. 26: Senate mulls fee increase, discusses seawolves


Photo credit: Molly Putman

ASUAF student government fee change referendum

Following input from the senate, students will vote in March on whether to increase the ASUAF fee to $63 per semester, from its current $42.

If the legislation passes, summer semester students on main campus will pay a $15 fee, while CTC students will pay $7.

Student feedback suggested that the community wanted a lower fee increase, according to ASUAF President Colby Freel, who suggested the fee be raised to $60 instead of $67 for UAF’s main campus students. The feedback also suggested that CTC students should pay less than main campus students because they don’t benefit as much from ASUAF programs.

SRC fee changes

The director of DRAW and the Wood Center Mark Oldmixon, attended the meeting. He stated that the new SRC fee should be increased to $75 so that DRAW can use it for student recreation.

Following Oldmixon’s comments Senator Georgia Durden made a motion to go into executive session. Later, Senator Molly O’Scannell motioned to go into executive session which was approved unanimously. Everyone except the senators and Freel left the meeting temporarily.

No further discussion on the SRC fee was made public.

Club Funding Allocation Bill

The senate read a bill to distribute funds to the various student clubs that ASUAF has a responsibility toward. The bill took $20,085 from the Clubs, Grants and Projects budget. The motion passed with five in favor, two against and one abstaining.

“What is a Seawolf?” chant

ASUAF President Colby Freel apologized for saying the phrase, commonly chanted during UAF–UAA sports games, “What’s a seawolf?” Freel stated that someone had informed him that Alaska Native people could view the chant as inappropriate.

Attending the meeting was the Director of Athletics Gary Gray, who received an email from an “Alaska Native gentleman” who wanted to encourage people not to use that chant or at least not have the university sponsor it.

When this was mentioned, ASUAF Vice President Joe Yates mentioned that he was Haida and that he was the student who sent the email.

“I just don’t want to school to encourage it,” Yates said as he recalled an event where he stated that the UAF mascot was holding a sign with the chant on it.

Gray said that the school does not endorse the chant and will look into


Present: Cordero Reid (late), Erik Rickards, Dawson Mann, Molly O’Scannel, Jae Ham, Brian Holst, Georgia Durden, Chris Martinez and Raymundo Lopez

Not Present: Sierra Von Haften (excused), Ben Anderson-Agimuk and Sam Mitchell

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