ASUAF Recap – Feb. 28, 2012

Lakeidra Chavis/ Sun Star Reporter
Feb. 28, 2012

Senators in attendance

Holt, Netardus, Golub, Grediagin, Chambers, Chamberlain, Cervin, Brown, Zakurdaew, Burns-Shafer, Schurz, Kinnard III, Burley and O’Connor

Senators absent

Grzeskowiak-Amezquita, Collingwood and Young

Officers in attendance

Freitag and Ball

Guests in attendance           

UAF student Jack Spencer Hughes-Hageman visited the meeting as a nominee for the Elections Board

Attendance matters

Robert Kinnard III made a motion to remove Michael Golub and Fred Brown made a motion to remove Timothy Grediagin from the senate due to absences. The senate voted  7-5-1 to remove Golub. John Netardus, Golub, Grediagin, Khrisstian Burns-Shafer and Jesse Cervin voted against Golub’s removal from the Senate. Andy Chamberlain abstained.

The senate voted 7-0-6 to remove Grediagin. Netardus, Golub, Grediagin, Chamberlain, Burns-Shafer and Cervin voted against Grediagin’s removal. A two-thirds majority vote is needed to remove a senator. The motions to remove Golub and Grediagin from the senate did not carry because neither had a two-thirds majority vote.

Elections Board Appointments

Hughes-Hageman, Fred Brown and Jonathon Schurz were nominees for the election board appointments. Hughes-Hageman and Brown won by a vote of 9-9-4.

Student opinions matter

“SB 178-004 Obtaining Students’ Opinions on the Health and Student Insurance” would allocate $200 for an event that would solicit student opinion on the current health center fee and student insurance. The senate failed the legislature by a 3-9-1 vote. Kinnard III, Netardus, Nathanael O’Connor, McKinley Zakurdaew, Burns-Shafer, Brown, Cervin and Blake Burley voted against the bill. Chamberlain abstained.

Competitive elections

“SB 178-006 Increase Contested Elections” would change ASUAF bylaws to reduce the number of senate seats. The reduction would increase competitive elections and allow more student input on the ASUAF senate candidates. The bill was sent to the internal affairs committee.

For the record

“SB 178-007 Record the Senate Meetings” would allocate $70 from senate projects to buy a recorder for the weekly senate meetings. The bill was sent to the internal affairs committee.

Room for improvement

“SR 178-001 Improving Senate Minutes” would amend the current Rule 6.3 Minutes. The changes to the minutes would help create a concise picture of what happens during the meetings. The bill was sent to the internal affairs committee.

Advocacy Follow-Up

“SB 178-008 Legislative Advocacy Follow-Up” would allocate $3,000 to help send some of the students who attended the 27th Annual Juneau Legislative Conference earlier this month to do follow-up advocacy. The bill was sent to the public relations committee.

March 27, 2012 – UPDATE

The ASUAF Recap for Feb. 28, 2012 misstated that Robert Kinnard III made two motions to remove Michael Golub and Timothy Grediagin from the senate due to excessive absences. Kinnard III made one motion to remove Golub and Fred Brown made the motion to remove Grediagin from the senate.

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