ASUAF Recap, Feb. 5: Fees up for change


SRC and ASUAF Fees

President Colby Freel outlined his vision for changing the fees levied by the government. At present, Freel proposes to implement a reduced fee to maintain student access to the Student Recreation Center, and to increase the ASUAF fee. The net change should reduce the fee burden on students, but Freel noted that actual numbers have not been finalized.

Freel stated the importance of these decisions, citing the fact that ASUAF won’t be able to rely on it’s Rollover Budget next year.

Senator Cordero Reid weighed in saying he was in favor of increasing the ASUAF fee. Senator Sam Mitchell stated that he was in favor of decreasing the SRC fee so that the ASUAF fee could be raised reasonably.


Colby Freel and Melissa McCarthy to elections board.

Chris Martinez to ASUAF Senate.

Mitchell to the Chancellor Search Committee.

All confirmations were approved.


Present: Ben Anderson-Agimuk, Dawson Mann, Raymundo Lopez, Molly O’Scannell, Georgia Durden, Ivik Henry, Jae Ham, Sam Mitchell, Sierra Van Hafften, Brian Holst, Cordero Reid (late), Chris Martinez

Not Present: Erik Rickards

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