ASUAF Recap–February 24, 2013

Ashleigh Strange/Sun Star Reporter
February 26, 2013

Senators present

Dan Strigle, McKinley Zakudaew, Ashley Strauch, John Seiler, Beth Steele, Michael Golub, Sarah Walker and Michael Magnun

Senators absent

Will Collingwood, Mickey Wilson and Simon Ortega

Officers present

Bryant Hopkins, Mari Freitag

Guests present

Christian Burns-Shafer

Committees not committing

The Executive Committee, Internal Affairs Committee, Student Affairs Committee and Public Relations Committee did not meet this week. O’Scannell advised them to find time to meet because there were many items waiting for committee action.

The Election Board is proud to present…

Freitag and former senator Rusty Young have been appointed to the Elections Board.

Itty Bitty Internal Affairs Committee

Burns-Shafer came to the meeting with a marked up copy of legislation “SB 180-002 Internal Workings for Internal Affairs.” The legislation moves bylaws and powers from the Executive Committee to the Internal Affairs Committee. Burns-Shafer felt that instead of sending these items to a committee, the executive board should be more responsible for amending ASUAF rules and bylaws.  The legislation passed by a vote of  7-1. Golub voted against the legislation.

Bringing down the loans

Confusingly, another piece of legislation entitled “SR 180-002:A Resolution Supporting the Alaska State Legislature’s HB 17: An Act Providing For A Reduction Of The Principal of post secondary Education Loans For Residents”. The legislation was drafted to effectively reduce the interest rate on Alaska student loans. The vote was passed by a vote of 7-1. Golub voted against the legislation.

Publine and Dance Update

Seiler spoke with Risk Management on Thursday Feb. 21 and is prepared to move forward with the Pub Line for campus. The Pub Line is a bus that takes students from the pub to other bars in Fairbanks, reducing the likelihood of impaired driving.  Seiler also spoke with Residence Life about hosting a dance for underage students in the Hess Recreation Center saying that it is “aggravating that Res Life has a monopoly on one of three venues to host events.” Steele suggested that the dance be held at the Wood Center Ballroom because “dances at the Hess are getting a reputation for not being very good this year.”

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