ASUAF Recap: January 26, 2014

Kaz Alvarez/ Sun Star Reporter

Jan. 28, 2014

Senators Present
Matthew Carrick, Eli Barry-Garland, Brix Hahn, Sydney Houlton, Shane Poindexter, Cordero Reid, Ashley Straucg, Daniel Strigle, Lida Zakurdaew and McKinley Zakurdaew

Senators absent
Sarah Walker

Officers present
Ayla O’Scannell

Officers absent
Michael Mancill

Directors present
Michael Magnan

Christopher Clement, Sierra Corcetti, Mitchell Davidson and Joe Hayes

Consideration of appointments
Kaitlin Dault received a presidential appointment to Concert Board from O’Scannell. Cody Rogers, Head of Concert Board, recommended Dault for the position. Hahn suggested that her busy schedule might have a negative impact on her ability to perform the position’s duties.

Jacob Orban and Elizabeth Smith received presidential appointments to the Parking Advisory Committee. O’Scannell chose a candidate from married student housing, Orban, and a commuter student, Smith, to lend new perspectives to the committee.

For the Good of the Senate
Strauch is writing a cover letter for “SR 181-001: Reformation of Residence Life Policies and Practices.” The senate will review the resolution a final time before it is sent to Chancellor Brian Rogers. The senate is still accepting testimonies to support the resolution.

Veteran student representative
UAF Alumni Director and former ASUAF President Joe Hayes advised the senate on potential approaches to outreach and how to represent UAF as student senators. “From what I can tell, you have some really tough things going on,” Hayes said. “The next three or four years are going to be very difficult but what you do today is important.” Hayes also advised the current senate on outreach strategies and how senators represent UAF.

Humans vs. Zombies
Clement is the organizer of the Human vs. Zombie game hosted by Residence Life Spring 2013. For its second round, Clement Final edits are still being made on the resolution that addresses inconsistencies in how students residing on campus are affected by the practices of Residence Life before it can be signed by student senators and sent to Chancellor Brian Rogers. Students to be more involved in the planning of the game. Clement informed the senate that student club Zombies at UAF is interested in stepping up to help organize but, as a new club, they will need financial assistance to take on those responsibilities.  The primary expense for the event is the purchase of bright orange bandannas used to designate students as zombie or human. Clement requested $600 to supplement the $300 brought in through fundraisers to purchase official HvZ bandannas. Senators provided suggestions to lower the cost by purchasing fabric or getting unofficial bandannas. L. Zakurdaew asked Clement to do more research on what steps should be taken to ensure HvZ recognizes the event.

Fencing Club represented
The Fencing Club will experience a delay in receiving funding from ASUAF to purchase fencing equipment since it has not been passed by the senate. “As it stands, no one in Alaska is intending to host the qualifying competition and the UAF club is the only group interested,” Clement said. The funding was intended to go toward a second scoring box. 

What is a semester?
The Internal Affairs Committee met to discuss SB 182-001: Clarifying Semester Start and End Dates.  The committee discharged the bill and moved it to second reading. The bill was written to alter the definition of a semester in the bylaws. The semester was recognized as a period of time from the first day of instruction to the final day of finals. The new bill would end the semester on the final day of instruction. The bill was put to a vote after its second reading and discussion and passed 8-0-0.

UPDATED FEB. 2, 2014

In the Jan. 26 ASUAF Recap, Sydney Houlton was mistakenly written in place of Jordyn Houlton. The Sun Star apologizes for this error.

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